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Watching DVR or TV channels on a PC

Status: Under Review
by wdp on ‎01-13-2013 07:09 AM

I would love to have the ability to watch my DVR shows on my PC like I could with Direct TV.  Making it easier to see live TV on a PC would be nice also. Thats something Verizon should be trying to do.

Status: Under Review
Please check back for future updates.

DVR more shows at once.

Status: Under Review
by rpproffitt on ‎11-13-2011 07:16 AM

I think we should have the ability to recorded more shows at once.  Some of my friends in Florida have another fiber optic cable service an they are able to record 4 shows at once instead of the standard 2 shows at once.  I was talking with people at Verizon fios and they said its as simple as changing the DVR units and getting ones that would allow 4 shows to be DVR'ed at once.



Status: Under Review
This feature is currently under review. Stay tuned for updates!

Sorting or Moving Channels

Status: Under Review
by zangoking on ‎03-05-2011 08:01 AM

I would like to move some channels like fox deportees and Gol Tv to sport group and many others. There should be moving channels option. I can't use favorite because there is only two favorites and I would like to move hundreds of channels. Thanks

Status: Under Review
Love, love, love this idea... and it is totally feasible... think this one goes to the top of the list for our 3rd gen guide (IMG 2.0)

Trying to get this idea rolling early, before anyone needs it. 


As I understand it, when you are running IMG 1.9 and have an external drive connected to your DVR, the recordings on that drive are encrypted so they can only be read by the DVR the drive was first connected to. While I wish this weren't the case, I understand that it has to be, since the content providers are, as always, frightened of technology.


Since the external drive is used first for recordings once connected, people are going to have terrabytes of content stored on them, and if their DVR dies, they'll be completely inaccessible.


Why not create a way to transfer the encryption code from one DVR to another so that the external drive remains usable if the DVR is replaced? It could be a backend process where the new DVR is only sent the old DVR's code once the old DVR has been returned to VZ, which should be enough to keep content providers satisfied -- I'm sure you can work out the tech issues required and whether it needs to be done manually when the box is handed in, or if there's some other way -- but the point is to get this ball rolling so it's there when and if we need it.

Status: Under Review
Good point... not sure if it is technically feasible... but definitely to research...

 Basically, as the storage and the number of users in a household increases (by way of multiroom), we are going to need better management tools for recordings.  A system of user created folders to house recordings would be very helpful.


As a simple example, I would like to be able to put all my recorded movies in a "Movies" folder to uncluttered my main list of unwatched TV.  Similarly, I would like to create an "Archive" folder to house items that I have watched but I'm not ready to delete.  Folders could have subfolders for further organization.  When you create a series or single recording, you could specify what folder (or none) that you want that recording listed under.  This would create a flexible system of organization without too much complexity.

Folders could be very useful for households with many people recording shows. Basically, you would create a folder per person (with any number of subfolders) and when a person creates a recording, they tell it to record to their own folder (or a subfolder there in.)

That way, the kids' and the parents' recordings aren't sitting along side one another on one massive list and each person will be easily able to see what interests them.

You can extend further on that concept. You could have an option for a remote STB to default (or even locked down to) to a certain folder when the DVR menu is accessed. That way, the STB in your child's bedroom will only display shows that they recorded.  There could also be an option that automatically forces all recordings scheduled from that box to be in a certain folder (or a subfolder of that folder).  That way, people could have personalized DVRs by utilizing the multiroom function with only a single DVR in the household.  They would basically be limited to a folder off the root of the DVR while having freedom to organize their recordings in folders below that.

You can also implement the idea of storage quotas on folders. You can define a folder can't exceed a certain amount of space (possibly percentage of total space.)   This would be useful for limiting a child's capability of monopolizing all the storage on the DVR or preventing a marathon of recordings from using up all the space.

Then you roll up the folder concept in the priority scheduling as well. You can still have your series record priority, but you could also define a destination folder priority that takes first precedent. That way you can automatically bump down the priority of your kid's shows if you choose without having to go to each and every one.

Even without the children example, there are ways to leverage all these features with just one person. Say you really like The Simpsons and want to have as many episodes to watch as possible while calling attention to the new ones. You create a Simpsons folder and two subfolders called "New" and "Reruns". You define a quota on the "Rerun" folder of 10% storage (to prevent it from filling up the DVR since The Simpsons are on constantly) and bump the priority of that folder down to the bottom. Meanwhile the "New" folder has top priority. Now you create two series recordings. One is first run only and it defaults to the "New" folder and the other is repeat only, any channel and any time, and defaults to the "Rerun" folder. With 2 minutes of setup, you've now ensured that you'll record The Simpsons whenever it is on so you will have ample episodes to watch while calling attention and giving priority to the new ones AND you won't have to micromanage storage or schedule conflicts with other shows.

Status: Under Review

Can you please bring back the progress bar that was behind the start/end times in the guide? In the current guide, there is no quick graphical cue to represent how much time has progressed in the selected show. Yes, you can look at the start, end, and current times, but when browsing through shows that start/end at different times, it really slows browsing down.


I've uploaded two images to illustrate the issue.


The first image below is a screenshot of the v1.9 guide. The second image is a mock-up that shows the feature that I am talking about. Note the progress bar for the currently selected show in the guide that appears behind the start and end times ("7:35 AM - 9:30 AM" on the right side of the screen, in the middle).


This was available in the previous guide, but was omitted in 1.9. It is a very useful feature. Please bring it back.


(NOTE: The white progress bar at the top of the screen does NOT represent the progress through the show selected in the guide. It just shows the current time.)


Screen grab of current v1.9 guide:

Screen shot 2011-11-01 at 8.43.27 AM.png


Mockup of v1.9 modified with program progress bar that was available in the previous guide. Note the colored bar behind "7:35 AM - 9:30 AM" on the right-center of the image. Also note that the white progress bar at the top represents the actual time (8:43a) and has nothing to do with the program selected in the guide.


v1.9 Mockup

Status: Under Review
we'll discuss this with the developers.

Weather Channel HD Local Forecasts

Status: Under Review
by robertf390 on ‎02-14-2011 03:14 PM



I have been able to confirm with The Weather Channel that Verizon needs to obtain new equipment that enables the Local Forecasts on The Weather Channel's HD service. This is not just a convenience factor, it could potentially affect peoples safety. Many of us only watch HD channels and to be told to turn to SD channels for forecasts is ridiculous. Verizon advertisements continually speak of the superior network - in our area Cablevision has already updated - why not Verizon?


Since your superior network is presently unable to add additional HD services, at least maintain the ones already available so we can get the maximum use from them.


Thanks -

Status: Under Review

Last night at 12:15 right in the middle of a good program, my DVR reboots. OK I get to miss about 5-10 min of the program. I understand at times it is required to force a reboot, but why and when? How about a message that the STB needs rebooting, and let the customer do the reboot after the program?:smileymad:

Status: Under Review
not sure that was us; sometimes they do reboot on their own. If it was us please accept our apologies.

Shut off hdmi when box is powered off

Status: Under Review
by rickla on ‎04-06-2011 08:59 PM
Displaying a black screen instead of shutting off the hdmi output makes automatic hdmi switches fail and power save screens not power down.
Please make hdmi power off when the box is turned off.
Status: Under Review

We just swapped out our original DVR for the higher-capacity Motorola 7232. The display on the front, sadly, IS WAY TOO BRIGHT!!! You take the time and spend the money to create a terrific home viewing environment: spectacular LED-backlit television and perfectly calibrated 5.1 surround sound. But when you turn on your new FiOS box, you can't help notice the ridiculously bright display on the front. It's as if somebody at Verizon actually told somebody at Motorola "...and can you please make the display on the front of this new box so annoyingly bright that you can't pay attention to the TV".

Please, please add to the punch list of fixes in next firmware release an option for the consumer to turn down the brightness of this silly beacon.


Thank you.

Status: Under Review
Actually what I think the team said was make it bright enough so airplanes can land at night B-) I will look into options beyond some electrical tape across the display.

Sports Black-Out error message

Status: Under Review
by on ‎09-02-2010 04:58 PM

Verizon is and always has been, HORRIBLE at error messages...


This is one that should be easy enough to implement....


If this has already been posted... Sorry.. I don't have time to read thru them all


But you can NOT simply just have "Currently Unavailable" for EVERY ERROR MESSAGE ON THE TV.....


If it is a SPORTS BLACK OUT...




It's simple..... Here is an example...


"This Sports Broadcast is currently BLACKED OUT in your viewing area.. Please check your LOCAL channels."


Other providers have this... Verizon can too.... I bet it would SAVE ALOT OF TIME AND MONEY FOR THE COMPANY!

Status: Under Review

Equipment Return

Status: Under Review
by HokieGrl on ‎08-31-2010 07:01 AM

Can you be more like Netflix and when I return a piece of equipment you send me an email stating you have received it.  The tracking numbers are not enough because sometimes it is delivered but you do not log it. 

Status: Under Review

Single-click full info

Status: Under Review
by btm231 on ‎11-02-2011 12:24 PM

One annoyance I have with Verizon's guide (even the old one had this issue) is when I'm browsing the guide, I have to click info TWICE to view full info. Shouldn't the full info be the default view when pressing Info? Instead, I have to either hit info twice or scroll to "Full Info" to view actor, director, etc.


Can we get this retooled in any future updates? :smileyhappy:

Status: Under Review

Part of the Energy Star. Save a milli amp or two with a dimming feature based on room conditions. Sort of like the radio or display on a car dash board dims when it is dark out. Perhaps a display room brightness sensitivity setting.

Status: Under Review
Definitely hardware and OS API dependent...

How can I record all Washington Capitals games if the title just says 'NHL Hockey'? The DVR's record series feature only looks at the TITLE. I had this capability 15 years ago with DirectTV.

Status: Under Review
will pass this comment along to our metadata team.
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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