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Record Show from Advertisement

Status: Accepted
by bkkahrs on ‎10-26-2010 06:08 PM

Ever watch an ad for a show you want to watch and then go to schedule it on your DVR? I'd like to see a "schedule this" button when TV show ads play to schedule a DVR recording directly from the playing advertisement.

Status: Accepted
Agree this would be sweet... maybe next year... if we can get the stars aligned on all the moving parts necessary... but we already have the "raw materials" in the software

More HD requests

Status: Accepted
by on ‎10-08-2010 11:10 PM

Based on either seeing references to this on the SD stations or some internet information (which may or may not be accurate) I believe the following are available in HD and would like to see them added to the FiOS lineup here (Fitchburg, MA) if possible:


Local Station:  PBS - WENH - TV 11 HD (New Hampshire Public Television)





NECN HD (New England Cable News)

Style HD



There are others like BBC America HD, FUNimation HD, etc... but they have already been mentioned in other posts.


Status: Accepted


Status: Accepted

Remote DVR with Series Options

Status: Accepted
by asm20850 on ‎10-09-2010 05:51 AM

While I appreciate the ability to program my DVR remotely, it would be nice if this has full functionality.  Specifically, I would like the ability to set series recording options (such as adding time to the recording, only new, etc.) using my cell phone or the web. 

Status: Accepted

WeatherBug Improvement Idea

Status: Accepted
by on ‎10-07-2010 11:07 AM

Include a text weather forecast description with some useful information.  "Rain" can mean anything from a light mist to heavy downpours.  "Snow" can mean anything from a flurry to a blizzard.   It does nothing to help with planning if you know it will snow but don't know if the "Snow" forecasted is going to be a light dusting or a couple feet.

Status: Accepted

Just updating Maitreyi's status to match her comment :smileyhappy:


Skype & other interactive widgets

Status: Accepted
by glyde23 on ‎10-05-2010 05:22 AM

I noticed that many new TVs are coming out with widgets similar to what FIOS has to offer.  For example, Panasonic has a Skype widget.


Since the FIOS box already has a USB input, why not add Skype to the Widgets lineup?  The customer could then plug in their camera into the USB input in order to get video.


Furthermore, perhaps allowing the customers to play games and interact more with other FIOS customers across the country.

Status: Accepted
For clarity I am rolling with an "accepted" status for video conferencing, games and interact with other FiOS customers... the partners are not clear for us at the moment.. but the functions certainly are clear enough

As stated before, my wife & I have both Directv/Fios STBs.  My wife loves the fact, on our HR24/D* STB, she has 'upcoming shows' listed under 'program information' on archived shows or even recently recorded shows.  This helps her bigtime!  With our Fios STB she has to back out of the program info screen & do another search/look-up, which is time consuming.  Please add this to the program info screen, the only thing listed on it now is 'play, delete or save until i delete'

Status: Accepted

Enhancements to DVR management web interface

Status: Accepted
by 123champ on ‎07-20-2011 12:51 PM

The web interface to manage DVR recordings is very painful - in fact, it is no better than using your remote.


Using the web interface, you cannot select and delete multiple recordings at one go -- you have to delete each recording one by one. That is quite a cumbersome process if you have 50+ recordings to delete.


Secondly, each deletion requires 3 clicks - once to delete, once to confirm, and once to 'ok' after deletion!   Ughh ...


Hope someone in Development can put this on the enhancements roadmap.

Status: Accepted
Not sure what release... but agree with the suggestion

Interactive TV viewing.

Status: Accepted
by phil1000 on ‎07-17-2011 07:07 PM

I had an idea that when an ad for a special program comes on, there could be a small prompt saying "Press record to schedule a recording" (Maybe say "reminder" for non-DVR machines?). Similarly you could do the same for series, and record a whole series. I think it'd be a hit for new series, and the like. The main reason why I and other would love this is because of the time it takes to search for a show or series and to set it all up, and when you are watching something important, you don't want to estimate if you have enough time to search for it and set up the DVR options and such.

Status: Accepted

Would be nice if multihub of the DVR allowed a specific device to be added or removed from the hub by the user. This could solve many issues, If it does not exist, or cant be done by tech support. It would be a good idea. Perhaps next revision?

Status: Accepted
Probably a couple software releases away... but I get why this would be useful.

Option to switch to plain text email

Status: Accepted
by ChrisPA on ‎03-18-2011 04:52 PM - last edited on ‎03-18-2011 04:57 PM by Moderator

I'm new to verizon was surprised to find I had to use an "old" email version to send a plain text email.  The latest technology and upgrades are usually good things, but when it limits access to or excludes older technology, some still use, maybe a revisit is in order.  I hope verizon will consider adding a plain text option to the "new" email, as it has with the "old."  

Status: Accepted
From the product manager: "We will be enhancing Verizon email with a plain text editor in a future email release. The new release should be available later this year." Thank you all for your responses on this.

DVR (additional) 15 Minute Skip

Status: Accepted
by ‎08-14-2010 05:21 PM - edited ‎08-30-2010 02:56 PM

Comcast uses Page Up and Page Down to Skip ahead or back by 10 minutes.  I'd like this and either 10 minutes or 15 minutes would be nice.  This is in addition to 30 second skip and would not replace it.

Status: Accepted
Love this idea! I know some other systems have it, and I think it's a great way to get to the spot you want in a long broadcast (like NFL Redzone, which I record while my beloved Reskins are on.)

VOD Queues

Status: Accepted
by VTHokie195 on ‎02-25-2011 09:38 PM

Enable Video On Demand queues on the STB.  Allow the user to subscribe to a show and when a new show is added to the VOD library, it is automatically added to the user's queue.  Similar to DVR Series Recordings where it is automatically recorded.

It would also be nice to combine the DVR & VOD experience by making those queues and recordings available under the same menu.  For Example, if a user goes to current recorded programs it also shows all of the new VOD content available to which the user is subscribed.

Status: Accepted
Dig it.

Similar to my "recent calls" list on my cell phone, I'd like to see FiOS generate a favorites list of the last 20 (or more) channels I've actually watched. Over time, this could develop into a REAL favorites list as well, like the way iTunes tracks your favorite songs by the number of times they've been played.


Personalization is key. An automatically updated list of my last 20 watched channels and another list of my top 20 channels ranked by viewing habits would be a great addition to a static list of preselected Favorites.

Status: Accepted
Dig the idea...

'Set Reminder' on HD DVR Set-top Box?

Status: Accepted
by mk40niner on ‎10-07-2010 09:29 AM

Hello, and thank you in advance for your time!


I believe this is an easy request as it already partially exists!


I currently have a 'HD DVR' Set-top Box and a 'HD non-DVR' Set-top Box. The NON-DVR Box has an option in IPG to "Set a Reminder" for a future show(s) that I want to watch. Now my HD DVR Box has an option to "Record Program" but not the option to "Set a Reminder", and sometimes I only want a REMINDER to watch a show, and not record it. And yes, I realize I could just record it and delete it later but most times the lack of space on my DVR doesn't make that an option! :smileyhappy:


Is this an option that could be easily implemented since it already exists on the non-DVR box and what are the chances it could happen?



Status: Accepted
This was already on the list. We have to work to schedule it into a software release. We are shipping IMG 1.8 right now through the rest of October. IMG 1.9 starts shipping just about right after we finish 1.8. So we can look at a software release in 2011.
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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