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Shut off mailings

Status: Already Exists
by Tink33 on ‎10-08-2010 12:04 PM

Verizon should make it easier to shut of mailing promotions.


For those of you that are trying to be more environmentally friendly Verizon does "allow" promotions mailed to your house to be shut off. Though you have to be very persistent. They first time I called they actually said they couldn't do it, but I informed them Comcast did it for me so why couldn't they. That changed their tune. They do stated it will take a month to process (they may have thing be printed already with your address on it which they can't pull out of print). A month later I had to call back. And a month later I called again, though this time I demanded to know why this was so difficult. I was disconnected twice. When I got to a manager I was actually given attitude, I mean the guy "hello"ed me. I swear he was reading of some script from his computer and was annoyed I kept asking what they were going to do to make it easier for people to shut off the mail promotions. His only answer was that mine was shut off. Which was clearly not my question. Thus making me repeat myself, until I gave in and asked for his supervisor. Go figure she wasn't in the office. Anyway I am still waiting to see if it has actually been shut off.  
I am not sure why you could just log onto the Verizon website and click an opt out button, like you can for email promotions. It would save them the money of all that paper and postage.
Status: Already Exists
Hi Tink33,

I think you're talking about Paperless Billing. Check it out:

Sign in to My Verizon to enroll in Paperless Billing. You'll receive an email confirming your enrollment in Verizon Paperless Billing.

I cant believe nobody  is raising heck with ONDEMAND, EVERY MLB,NHL,and NBA game should be televised in HIGH DEFINITION! I would of thought by now everything would in HD!.  IF DIRECTV can do this so should on demand all the telcos and cable companies should insist on it!.

Status: Accepted
Each month more of their events are available in HD


I heard about a TV channel called Venture and they have TV shows that are a bit more adventurous. One show I saw at a friend’s house is called Bluff and I thought it was interesting; I was disappointed that the Venture channel was not on FiOS, we have the ultimate package.  Would Verizon consider adding it to the channel lineup? The link is below



Status: Acknowledged

Emergency System for Westchester

Status: New Idea
by virtualbelinda on ‎09-10-2011 03:24 PM

I live in Mount Vernon, NY. I noticed that when you do emergency system testing, the counties listed for coverage are all in NYC. I live 18 miles away from Time Square. I am in a potential danger zone in a catastrophic event in this area. My TV in Mount Vernon needs to be connected to the area that covers me which is Westchester County. I do not understand how you can take our Westchester money and not plan on providing us with information in the event of a disaster. Please fix this.


Future info in Guide

Status: New Idea
by as62 on ‎11-03-2011 10:28 AM

Since the guide does not move foward until the exact time is reached (i.e. it shows 9:30 up until the clock reaches 10:00), can there be an option to go to a particular channel even if the program occurs in the future.  Example:  If it is 9:58, I move the guide forward so I can see the prgrams at 10:00.  However if I want to go to that channel I have to move the guide back to 9:30 and then press Ok.  Why can't there be an option of  "Go to channel now"?



Status: Acknowledged
by MVP dslr595148 MVP on ‎04-09-2013 12:55 PM - last edited on ‎04-12-2013 03:22 PM by Moderator

You need to add to the DNS Servers, DNSSEC.



Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion. I will follow up with the appropriate manager on this one.

Make notaion of MOVE email to a folder

Status: Acknowledged
by capny on ‎11-20-2013 12:45 PM

I would like to have the capability to make a "notaion"   to a EMAIL I Move to folder of my choise.

Status: Acknowledged

USB Modem Warranty

Status: Acknowledged
by Rhodiemental on ‎12-20-2010 06:40 PM

It wasn't until my old one died one day to find out from teh sales clerk that it was no longer under warranty.  I wasn't informed at the time of purchase that there was a warranty, yet Verizon has all of my information on my home, 2 wireless, internet accounts. (and yeah, I'm payhing for two internet connections)  I think Verizon could at least show on my account page that my warranty was near end.  Then I was forced to pay another 60.00 for a replacement.  That's not the best customer service.  This is why I am considering my options every month.  Give an long standing existing customer a reason to stay, not another reason to asky why they should.

Status: Acknowledged

Channel 49 Weather

Status: Maybe Later
by tom7620 on ‎03-08-2011 10:54 AM

Please consider changing the music on Channel 49, the ever-present weather station.  It would be appreciated by music lovers everywhere.

Status: Maybe Later

Better support for home

Status: Clarification Needed
by kekoa1969 on ‎01-23-2011 11:29 AM

I have a question about my home service so I went to the "contact us" section. The 3 most convenient & ways of contacting you (ask Verizon, email, live chat) are for wireless customers only. I could call you, but I don't feel like waiting on hold for an hour just to talk to a customer service rep in India who speaks very broken English & is therefore so hard to understand that it **bleep** me off to the point of me just saying "forget it" & hanging up. Do you think that home service customers don't have problems or questions too?

Your marketroids should love it. You can collect marketing info on which offers fail to get an interest. Log the selections per user, and offer something else, that the user has not seen, and has not dismissed. Your customers will be happier, not seeing stuff they've already seen and don't want. Your marketroids gain valuable feedback on which offers flat out lose interest.

Status: Acknowledged

Please add channels from Ecuador like Ecuavisa or Teleamazonas. Ecuadorian Community is big

Status: Acknowledged

THIS IS A MUST ADD..... THIS SHOULD BE STANDARD. ITS 2013.  Digital Life is In Vogue.  Possibly a touchscreen. on it. if you guys dont have contacts solid enough on buying several cheap but seriously reliable remotes. make me an email and ill do the homework. just cut me in on this. like maybe free fios full pack for 10 years/ or lifetime. and a kickback on say .01-.02 cents on a dollar .RT-MWK06 Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard Universal Remote Control [Bluetooth] ( but buy them @100k units  or more  i canfns several more or have one made for verizon... but i want in!

Status: Acknowledged
A keypad remote could be useful. I have alerted the Equipment team of the request.

1st Device Discount (Non-DVR)

Status: Acknowledged
by Stego on ‎08-26-2013 09:41 AM

I'd like to see some sort of "1st Device Discount" for users of FiOS.  As a single resident with one TV, I don't need multiple boxes or multi-room DVR capabilities, and the equipment rental fees are, across the board, outrageous, especially since you need at least one box to watch TV at all (which conveniently isn't mentioned in pricing until you get to the rental page when placing an order...).  DVR pricing is still in-line with offerings from other providers, but I'd like to see Verizon offer a discount similar to the following:


NO Service Commitment:

M-Stream CableCARD - Free

Set-Top Box - $8/month


WITH Service Commitment:

M-Stream CableCARD - First Free, 2nd $1.50/month

Set-Top Box - Free


It's kind of a dirty move to charge customers both for the TV service, then again for the equipment necessary to even watch TV.  I understand these boxes are overpriced when sold to you (Verizon), and you need to pay them off, but those of us willing to commit to a service contract or bring our own device should be given a discount or free CableCARD so long as we subscribe to FiOS.


ADDENDUM:  Before a rep contradicts me, no, the basic 49 channels offered over Analog don't count here.  I'm unaware if FiOS offers ClearQAM channels, but I haven't found anything stating they do.

Status: Acknowledged

Mac users

Status: Acknowledged
by Lyse01 on ‎04-04-2011 12:04 PM

I spent half an hour waiting for my settings to be saved in "under 3 minutes."  I tried troubleshooting on my own.  I called and spent some time in a menu.  I reached a guy who said this always happens to Macs.  WHY? 

1) Ask whether I use a Mac or a PC when I order service.

2) If I use a Mac (you now know this), and you know the software won't fully work on a Mac, include that in the directions you send to me.  Appropriate location: Troubleshooting page in the Start Here guide.  Also include the direct phone number for Mac support.


Side note: the technicians who came to my house and the Mac support guy were the two best customer service people during the two week ordeal to get my internet up and running.  I had technicians sent to my house without me knowing they were coming, then was told they had to reschedule because I wasn't there.  I hadn't even received my modem yet.

3. Call me if you need to send a technician, so I can be present.


I then received multiple phone calls a day from different portions of the company - one telling me xyz could occur on Friday, another saying it couldn't happen til Monday.

4. Get your information straight, then call.  Or email.  I love email....that has all the pertinent information clearly marked near the top and doesn't have a lot of equally sized but only vaguely related information obscuring the two things I care about: when I need to be at home to meet a technician and when I can get my internet service started.


I called back on Friday to get a time when I might expect technicians on Monday.  I was told I wouldn't hear that until Monday morning, after 8.  I can't bring my cell phone to work, and I'm expected to be at my desk at 8.  Taking a vacation day is ridiculous for a half hour appointment sometime between 8 and 5.  You can do better than that.

5. Schedule appointments/order of house calls so that, at the very least, at 5 pm the previous work day you have an idea of when a customer can expect technicians to arrive.  Morning, afternoon, 10-12, whatever.  Just narrow it down.

6. I highly recommend residential support on weekends.  I promise I won't care if the technicians are never available on Tuesday.



Status: Acknowledged
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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