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Why no Olympics 3D in prime time?

Status: Acknowledged
by StevenT42 on ‎07-28-2012 05:30 PM

The Olympics are being broadcast in 3D on channel 1003.  But the broadcasts start at 3:00am-4:00am CT and only go to around 6:30pm.  They are not being broadcast in prime time.  I can only watch prime time.  Why not switch up the schedule to allow more people to watch?

Status: Acknowledged

Do what you say you are going to do

Status: Acknowledged
by dbueras on ‎01-12-2013 03:57 PM

Please try and keep your word when you say someone will be at your home to install or fix something.  I ordered the high speed internet and telephone with you.   I do not have a working jack in my home because there is a down verizon wire hanging from the pole into my back yard.  After 3 ticket #'s and no one showing up at my home, I have cancelled the phone and internet service because it will not work without a working jack and once again today, I have a ticket number, stayed home all day again and of course no one shows up.  Do you care that there is a down wire going across a pool where there are kids that go in the back yard?  Obviously not.  Once again a 4th ticket # has been issued and I have to stay at home all day again on Monday a work day.   Verizon may have more customers if you even pretended to care about people.

Status: Acknowledged

House Wide Content Filtering

Status: Acknowledged
by pma1375 on ‎01-13-2013 08:41 AM

Parents need an easier way to protect their kids from offensive internet content.  More and more devices can access the internet (even hand held games).  In our house we have 10 devices that can access the internet.  It is extremely difficult to use parental controls that are device based.  This requires setting up and maintaining rules on many many devices.  A simple house wide solution controllable via My Verizon, would make many customers very happy

Status: Acknowledged
Definitely see how that could be handy. I will push your idea on to the appropriate team.

Tell me a show/series will be available On Demand when I select to record show/series...

Status: Acknowledged
by alevenso on ‎09-26-2013 12:07 PM - last edited on ‎09-27-2013 05:18 PM by Moderator

Given how long it has taken Verizon to launch a Media Server (announced last May - still no updates) it is getting harder and harder with a MDVR for it to be useful - 


It would be awesome if when I hit record series on the MDVR a message would come up like " Please note , this series will be availble on ABC OnDemand , do you still want to record the series" that way I know that I dont have to record it and can choose to watch it On Demand - once the Media Server comes out this problem goes away - but I find it annoying that if I want to record 2 shows at the same time that I can't watch the ball game at the same time - 


Even with the Media Server (when is it COMING!) this would still be a great feature - 

Status: Acknowledged
Now that could be helpful. This will be shared with the proper team. Thanks so much for this suggestion.

I'm wondering how many other customers can relate to the latest commercial showing Verizon as an entrapment to early termination fees.  I was recently "suckered" into switching to DSL as part of a package offer from DirecTV to reduce my cost for both TV and internet.  I've never felt so duped in my life.  After many attempts to get DSL to work consistently, I'm now ready to actually pay the "hefty" early termination fee and go back to Comcast for my internet service.  I've had DSL for a little over a month and there was not one day that I didn't need to re-set my modem.  According to Verizon there really were no other options and I could buy my own modem but it probably wouldn't improve connectivity.  And while connected I've never had slower upload and download speeds.  Maybe if I didn't have comcast previously I wouldn't know how much worse this "high speed" internet service really is.   One of my reasons for switching is because I ultimately want FIOS.  I have friends who live about 5 miles away and they love it.  2 years ago I spoke to a Verizon rep who said it would be in my area in about 2 years...needless to say it's in parts of my area, but not mine.  Then I'm told by the technician who installed my DSL that it probably won't be coming to my area as Verizon has decided they are not going to expand FIOS to any more locations in my town.  This is absurd!  I'll admit I'm the idiot for switching knowing that DSL would probably be worse and hoping it would be worth the savings on a package.  I was wrong and I'll own my mistake.  It will now cost me more as I'll have to pay the fee, but my sanity will be saved by going to a service I know will be consistent and headache free.


Verizon - either quit advertising in Attleboro, MA how great FIOS is, or follow through on your commitment to bring it to my area.


Completely disappointed,


Status: Acknowledged

I'd like to have a single voicemail system for both my home phone and my cellphone.  One access # to dial to receive messages from either phone.  The system could specify whether the message was left on home phone or wireless phone.

It would also be nice if the menu prompts would be the same for both voice mail systems.  For example, on Verizon landline phone voicemail, to save a message press 2, to delete 3...On Verizon Wireless, deleting a message is 7 and saving a message is 9. Why can't they both be the same?  It would also be nice if as another poster suggested the voicemail access # for FiOS Digital Voice were simpler.  Why can't it be *86 just like it is with cellphones?  Also glad to hear that a voicemail on TV feature is being considered.

Status: Not Likely
No current plans to combine the voice mail systems for FDV and VzW. You can set up your FDV vcml to send email notifications when new messages arrive, include the messages as .wav files, and access those from your cell phone if you have that capability. See the user guide at for setup instructions. The menu prompts are different because we currently use different systems for each...that could change in the future. *86 is currently being tested for FDV from home and will be available very soon. Of course, you'll still have to dial the FDV toll-free number when away from home. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

FIOS digital voice

Status: Maybe Later
by vhambler on ‎11-10-2010 06:55 AM

Two requests:


a) When entering a new number in speed dial please have the voice repeat the number instead of only indicating that the  number has been entered successfully.


b) Please make available to the user the list, which is available to your reps, of all of the codes and assigned phone numbers. Currently there is no way to check the list short of calling each number! This would improve the service immensely.

Status: Maybe Later
a) Good suggestion. Sorry for the inconvenience. b). abhi_col is correct. the star codes for FiOS Digital Voice features are available on page 22 in the user guide found on our web site:​_Guide.pdf ...

Better Bundling Options for MDU Customers

Status: Acknowledged
by asm20850 on ‎06-11-2011 08:04 PM - last edited on ‎06-13-2011 12:57 PM by Admin Emeritus

My condo has an agreement with Verizon where FiOS TV and Internet are included in our condo fee.  While this is great, there is no way to customize the package.  That is, if I want to add a landline or wireless phone, I do not get any credit for my existing services.  These should be some way for customers in this situation to add services at bundle rates.

Status: Acknowledged


Currently the Fios Baseball Widget will alert when the 9th inning starts, the score changes, there is a pitching change, etc.  These are all decent alerts but if Fios would add one alert millions of fantasy baseball players would sign up for MLB Extra Innings.


There needs to be an alert where you can choose up to 20 mlb players and the Fios Widget will alert you when they are coming up to bat.  MLB.TV had this feature, and I thought Fios would have it on its Widget.  Even though I prefer watching games on TV vs. online, I will probably switch back to MLB.TV next year if this upgrade is not implemented.






Hope this is in the works.



Status: Accepted
Probably for next season... but great addition.

Verizon FIOS

Status: Acknowledged
by Nitemareskittle on ‎06-20-2013 03:24 AM - last edited on ‎06-21-2013 03:32 PM by Moderator

Can you guys please add FIOS internet in laredo texas 78041 in my area please?

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks so much for your interest in FiOS internet. I am curently unaware of any new service being available in your area.

3D Help for New Users

Status: Acknowledged
by Hinson on ‎07-02-2012 10:16 AM


  VOD/Collections/HD 3D Movies


On this screen, most of the twelve movie trailers are broadcast in 2D. 


I'm sure that like me, many of your subscribers have spent hours on the phone with your technicans (who have no clue) or their TV tech. trying to figure out why the trailers in the "3D Movies" collection don't look right.


My suggestion: either start broadcasting ALL of the trailers in 3D (best) or at least place a disclaimer at the top of the "HD 3D Movies" screen notifying them that while the trailers are not broadcast in 3D the movies will.


I've spent way more hours than necessary trying to figure out why I couldn't get my 3D to work on all movies.  Needless to say, I didn't want to rent an $8 movie if it wasn't going to be in 3D.  Your techs couldn't help and I finally figured it out myself by renting a movie.




Status: Acknowledged

Access to DVR on Home page

Status: Acknowledged
by atennisguy on ‎06-14-2012 07:37 AM

I am very unhappy that Verizon limits my family's sub accounts to less features than I can have on my primary accounts home page. When I sign into my page I can see on the home page the recorded list, scheduled list and can manage the DVR from that little window. When my family uses their home page they do not have access to this home page feature. I am told that Secondary accounts can not have access to this. They would have to sign in using my primary name and password. This is a feature of DVR access that is supposed to be part of the remote DVR access that I am paying for. The tech people tell me that the family should just sign in using my access which is not only stupid since they would now not be signed into their email access, but I may not want the family  to have access to my mail and the kids may not want me to get into theirs. I am very unhappy that they cannot have the full access that I am paying for. Comcast does not limit the accounts to some features in any way. I only switched because of the price and now I find that my family can not have full access to what we are paying for. In addition I was told that this is a secuity feature policy that Verizon has in place so secondary accounts that I authorize cannot make changes. I suppose if they have access to our DVR it is a matter for homeland security to address, right?

Status: Acknowledged

upgrade HBO on demand

Status: Acknowledged
by joshbf on ‎02-22-2014 03:36 PM
I think you should add the HBO series true blood to on demand the final season is coming up in a few months and I missed the entire last season being away for 11 months I live in Maryland and it would greatly be appreciated by me and many others as well. Thank you very much
Status: Acknowledged

easier way to reset STB

Status: Acknowledged
by mhipsman on ‎03-25-2012 05:37 PM

Due to a few issues I am constantly having  1. STB does not respond to any remote control  actions  2. channels remap themselves so they are not  where they are supposed to be.  I need to reset my stb.  pulling out the AC power cord is a pain because of where the boxes are located. and  going thru the menus on the website are a pain in the **bleep**. Why cant we have a 3 button salute on the remote similar to  Ctrl-alt-delete on a computer

Status: Acknowledged

Make T1 affordable in areas where DSL does not reach

Status: Acknowledged
by BBman on ‎08-15-2010 07:51 AM - last edited on ‎08-26-2010 12:39 PM by Employee Emeritus


I imagine the most expensive part of offering wired phone service is the wiring and the installation thereof. Not so much of the cost is in the box at the end of the wire.


Then how come local phone service is say, $15/mo, yet a T1 with two twisted pairs is not $30/mo but $400/mo?


Okay, you don't actually USE that local phone line all the time, yet with a T1 you get a dedicated connection down the backbone and industrial reliability and top notch service.


So would it be possible to use a T1 in a DSL-like fashion with a router in the nearest phone box that allows many households to share the same connection through the backbone?


With more and more people using cell phones this seems like a nice way to utilize and generate revenue off the existing infrastructure. You can't beat the reliability of a wire, so I think there's value.


I have paid $100/mo for years for my ISDN but switched to wireless internet when it became available to me, as it offers 400 kb/s for $60/mo. If I could get 1.5M or even something shared for a sub-$100/mo price I'd go for it.



Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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