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I just exchanged my old DVR (6216) to the new one (7232), and the new model is a sharp black case that fits right in with my flat-screen tv. I was told that I could swap out my old HD Boxes as well, but was told that the new (i.e. black case) boxes do not display the time on the front as the old ones did (from what I was told, this is an energy-saving feature). My family is big on having a box with the time on the front (especially at night) and while I appreciate the effort to help save energy, I think the box is best with both the time and the channel on the front.

Perhaps there could be an option (front display when powered off......clock/no clock)  in the new firmware for those who don't want the clock or are concerned about the power usage.


Thanks for listening.

Status: Not Likely
There is no way to "bring back" the clock without building a new set top box... but I have to agree... so let's see how many votes we get here... so I can push the set top team to bring it back in the next version (so existing box aint getting change - maybe the next one)

Free multiroom DVR for life?

Status: Acknowledged
by Kt4ever on ‎12-29-2011 07:41 AM
I recently saw an add on TV for FIOS . It offered free multiroom DVRs for LIFE! Why am I paying $19.99 a month for mine? How about rewarding your longtime subscribers with a free DVR for life! My bill is over 200 a month! How about rewarding me!
Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your suggestion- I'll make sure it gets to the proper team within Verizon.

SEC Network launches in August 2014

Status: Launched
by MABama on ‎05-15-2013 02:30 PM

The SEC athletic conference and ESPN announced a 20-year agreement to carry a new television network and digital platform called the “SEC Network.”  The formal name is the “SEC ESPN Network.”  The Network will offer SEC sports and sports-related studio programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  More than 1,000 live events will be available in the first full year across the television Network and its digital extensions.  This will include approximately 45 football games, more than 100 men’s basketball games, 60 women’s basketball games and events from across all 21 SEC-sponsored sports.

I would like to see Verizon FIOS carry the SEC Network in all markets. 



Please Add FXX Channel To Prime HD Tier

Status: Acknowledged
by Rybo85 on ‎03-28-2013 10:42 AM

According to the article below in addition to many other articles out there, Fox is rebranding their Fox Soccer Channel as the FXX channel this fall. They're also going to move some existing shows such as "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" to that channel as well.


Right now the Fox Soccer Channel is not available on the Prime HD tier.


When this FXX network is launched, please add it to the Prime HD tier.

Status: Acknowledged

FXX has recently been added, but it is not on the Prime HD Tier. That being said this will be taken to the FiOS programming team.  No promises on this being added to the Prime tier.  Thanks so much for bringing your desires to the table.

I was amazed to find out that now that the new DVRs are available and I have been a loyal customer for over 3 years, patiently waiting and signing up for the official lists to get the new DVR hardware, I win the right to pay VZ $39.99 just to use the new hardware!!! Hardware that I pay monthly for anyways!!! Why is there an upgrade fee for something that I lease? This is unbelievable that we get charged monthly (and I am sure when I upgrade, my grandfathered 12.99 will go up too) and we still have to pay for the actual upgrade? Especially those of us using 6416s which cannot take advantage of new features of the new IMG1.9 (ESata and other features).


VZ, can you explain this? I bet if I was a new customer, I would get the new DVR without a $39.99 fee.

Status: Acknowledged

If you have had your DVR for 3-4+ years.... then I have already acknowledged we need to see if there are other options...


But to many of the comments below... when you lease a car and next year or the year after they come out with a better one do you expect to get the new model for free?  And they are the same... your content purchases are separate from equipment charges by federal regulation (buying HBO doesn't subsidize your equipment).  In this comparison gas = content and the car = DVR.... 


So "under review" for customers that have had a box for 3-4+ years, but if you have had your DVR for less than 3 years, then "maybe later"... and I think the fee is fair (just like upgrading your leased car early).


New customers could get any one of the 3 available models just like an existing customers ordering a new DVR for their existing account. We have made this as fair as possible for new and existing customers. 

I would like to see FiOS TV drop the SD version of any stations that are available in HD. It is a waste of coax bandwidth to have both SD and HD versions of the same station. As for customers that still have SD displays, in my experience I have not had issues viewing the HD channels on an SD display.

Status: Maybe Later
The highest volume boxes out there are 2500's... so while I concur.... there are a couple million viewers that wouldn't at this point

Watch TV on an Ipad

Status: In Progress
by howarddnyc on ‎06-18-2011 09:10 PM

Time Warner and Comcast now have an Ipad app that allows their customers to watch any television program in real time on their Ipad.  Verizon Fios which is far superior to both of these cable subscribers should add this service to Verizon Fios ASAP.

Status: In Progress

The PAC-12 conference (formerly the PAC-10) just announced that they will be launching their own network (similar to the Big Ten network already on Fios) in August of 2012 for the start of the 2012 college football season and will be broadcasting a significant chunk of conference football and men's basketball games on this channel, as well as other sports involving conference members.  FIOS needs to be on the ball on this and be ready to add this in HD as soon as it launches in August 2012.

Status: Acknowledged

Please add "FS2" Fox Sports 2 in HD

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-14-2013 11:11 AM

Please add "FS2" Fox Sports 2 in HD. It launches in 3 days!!! HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Status: Acknowledged

Mav TV

Status: Acknowledged
by arebmw on ‎11-29-2012 02:33 PM

Don't delete Mav TV from your schedule.  I enjoy the racing and the concerts.

Status: Acknowledged

New DVR with more than two tuners.

Status: Maybe Later
by ‎08-01-2010 08:13 AM - edited ‎08-30-2010 02:29 PM

Having more storage would be great, but conflicting record times and recording two while watching a third would be good. Provide a good DVR with more than two tuners, and an option for existing customers to upgrade to this DVR. I would pay $20 a moth for this but not the existing HM-DVR.

Status: Maybe Later
With the start of the roll out of our next round of set top boxes and DVR's... we are beginning the process of defining the future versions

Watching DVR or TV channels on a PC

Status: Under Review
by wdp on ‎01-13-2013 07:09 AM

I would love to have the ability to watch my DVR shows on my PC like I could with Direct TV.  Making it easier to see live TV on a PC would be nice also. Thats something Verizon should be trying to do.

Status: Under Review
Please check back for future updates.

Verizon markets FiOS TV as besting its cable competitors in picture quality and number of HD channels. And while this may be mostly true, how about eliminating any ambiguity on the question of channels?


Make this simple brand promise: if there's an HD feed of a channel FiOS carries in SD, we will also include the HD version. Period. 


As excited as we were to get FiOS several months ago, we were shocked to learn that the HD feeds of E!, BBC America and Sundance are not carried. With all the capacity afforded by fiber optic technology and the relatively modest broadband speeds in your bundles (compared with fiber optic systems elsewhere in the world) it's difficult to believe there would be a bandwidth issue.


C'mon, FiOS, let your HD flag fly -- and actually become the HD authority you purport to be!

Status: Acknowledged

Upgrade home routers with GigE ports

Status: In Progress
by dmking79 on ‎03-30-2011 08:05 AM

Since higher bandwidth/more throughput was announced this morning (3/30), it would be nice if our home routers were upgraded to include GigE (gigabit ethernet) ports so all that lovely bandwidth doesn't get bottlenecked at the router and we can actually enjoy and use what we pay for.  

Weird concept, I know



And don't make this something insanely easy for new customers to get and make it nearly impossible for current subscribers to obtain.  I know there's no incentive for you to care about people who are already signed up, but it'd be nice if you pretended to care once in a while

Status: In Progress

Tennis Channel

Status: Launched
by adicecream on ‎09-04-2011 03:35 PM

FIOS just dropped Tennis Channel.  Therefore, I will drop FIOS.  Seems fair.


(Yes, I know Verizon and Cablevision and possibly other cable companies have an issue with which packages will cover TC.  I don't care.)

Status: Launched
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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