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Upgrade home routers with GigE ports

Status: In Progress
by dmking79 on ‎03-30-2011 08:05 AM

Since higher bandwidth/more throughput was announced this morning (3/30), it would be nice if our home routers were upgraded to include GigE (gigabit ethernet) ports so all that lovely bandwidth doesn't get bottlenecked at the router and we can actually enjoy and use what we pay for.  

Weird concept, I know



And don't make this something insanely easy for new customers to get and make it nearly impossible for current subscribers to obtain.  I know there's no incentive for you to care about people who are already signed up, but it'd be nice if you pretended to care once in a while

Status: In Progress

Cooking HD channel

Status: Acknowledged
by svknyc on ‎03-29-2011 03:48 PM

FIOS has Food Network and Recipes TV channels in HD.  How about adding Cooking channel in HD? Please VOTE :smileyhappy:

Status: Acknowledged

Add Art History Channel to FIOS lineup

Status: Acknowledged
by GregHunt on ‎03-29-2011 12:08 PM

Fellow artists have just introduced me to the Art History Channel.  It's currently available on Time Warner and Comcast.  When can we expect to see it on the FIOS lineup?

Status: Acknowledged

As I stated in the title, I was just wondering if anyone from Verizon is going to reply to my post below (March 21) concerning not getting certain channels in the Extreme Package even though they are available in the Prime Package (ex. Hallmark Movie Channel).


I have called Customer Service about this, but they have no answer for this.  I have been told that others have complained about this and all they can do is put it in my file and let someone (who knows who) know about this.


I would appreciate any feedback from Verizon to help explain why this decision was made to basically penalize those people who are paying more for a higher tier yet not getting all the channels available in a lower tier.  I have never experienced this with another cable company.  Thanks.

Status: Acknowledged

Make the boxes use less energy when they're off.

Status: Already Exists
by thefoxbox ‎03-28-2011 10:00 PM - edited ‎03-28-2011 10:03 PM

I know electronics generate heat, and that's understandable while they are being used.


I was watching an HD program on my HD receiver (no DVR; just a receiver) and that program ended about 3 hours ago and I turned it off right after that program ended. The box is still unbelievably warm. Even in the morning, the box will still be producing heat. Why? DirecTV boxes don't generate anywhere close to that much heat (even when they are on) unless they are the DVR boxes, so why should this thing? I don't want to have to run my A/C more just because of the heat a box generates... pretty sad, and sad for the environment, too.

Status: Already Exists
Our most recent boxes are much more green.. and we continue to put in new software to make them use less power

High Speed Internet for Rural Areas

Status: Acknowledged
by OSPF on ‎03-28-2011 01:23 PM

We live in a rural area and can not get cable, broadband, DSL - we have Satellite TV and Mobile (Cellular) Broadband for internet access.  I work from home and have to use VPN to logon so Mobile Broadband is my only option.  We live in Hanover County Virginia in the Old Church area and there are no towers close to us.  The tower that closer is too short to do any good for my location.  Our signal is coming from 7 miles away so I'm lucky to be able to do what I can.    There is a switching station 1.3 miles away from us - is there nothing Verizon can do to provide internet access from there ?    What about putting up a dish on the communications tower on Flanagans Mill Road ?   If a T1 was not cost-prohibitive I'd get one - but it's out of the question at it's current $$.  

Status: Acknowledged

Don't think I've seen a request quite like this.  How about adding an "On Demand Content" item to the "options" menu.  When you're viewing a particular station you could say... hmmm, I wonder if this show I just found on this channel is available on demand.  So you hit "Options" on the remote, select the "On Demand Content" and it takes you directly to a listing of what is available on demand from that particular station.




Status: In Progress

I just have 2 request. One simple, one maybe not so simple.


First Request: Reconfigure how to access the On Demand Premium Channels!


Why did FiOS make it so difficult to locate and/or navigate to the On Demand Premium Channels?

I had TWC and their OD Premium Channels preceded the actual Premium Channel. 


Ex: If HBO was on channel 401 then HBO On Demand was located on channel 400! No need to search for it, it was right there!!!


FiOS should have followed that navigation example, which would make the transition to FiOS from cable that much more simple and easy!!


It's hard enough after having cable for...well my entire life, to learn FiOS' new channel line up, now I have to search and navigate through a series of button pushes to find ONE on demand channel.


Or maybe at the very least, FiOS should move the On Demand Premium Channels selection to the 1st or 2nd spot on the list of the On Demand options.


Here's how to locate HBO On Demand in FiOS...for those of you newbie's:


Push the ON Demand button on your remote>Scroll to find then select Browse All>Scroll to find then select Premium Channels>Scroll to find then select HBO On Demand>Scroll to find then select your final HBO OD option, movies, series, etc> Scroll to make your selection. Voila!! See simple!?!?!


WHY so difficult for such a sought after feature? It took my wife and I the better part of a morning after my service was installed to find it. They promote that they have it (which is 1 of the primary reasons I made the switch) but don't tell how to find it in ANY documentation that the installer leaves you. We had to literally search it online!


Second Request: Local news: FiOS 1 local news is awful! Period! I understand that it's in it's infancy, but C'mon! I've seen better news broadcast from high school students, but you don't really expect much at that level!

For my dime I'd expect a better local broadcast. 


Don't know how Verizon could make this happen, but what if Verizon negotiated with TWC et al, to bring the local channel news 12 to FiOS for a monthly subscription fee?


The cable company's can't stop people from jumping ship, they might as well generate some revenue form those that did and are willing to pay for a familiar news source! I could care less, my wife on the other hand complained almost every day about her beloved news 12 (which doesn't even really cover our area, but whatever) until she found HLN. But I'd be willing to pay a marginal subscription fee for that channel to make her happy ....or quiet......which ever comes first :smileyhappy:


That's just my 2 cents.....which incidentally is all I have left after my first FiOS bill! Just kidding, but no seriously, it was a lot! Nevertheless, hopefully I WILL get what I pay for...unlike with cable!

Status: Acknowledged
More options to access VOD content in progress... including the virtual channel option that you referenced (which I personally find too difficult). I would suggest in the mean time you give our search feature a go... as it is based on Internet search engine technology and is quite good at tracking down content I want to see.

Add Channel

Status: Acknowledged
by pati246 on ‎03-26-2011 02:44 PM

It is a bit incredible that you determine what is local & what is not. You are offering local channels that are a couple of hours away from us. We live in central FL. We get local corverage (news, weather) from Tampa Bay to Venice. We are 10 min from Disney & about 30 from Orlando. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, start carrying WESH 2 out of Orlando. I would very much like to hear what the weather will be like where I am, not someplace that is 2 hours or more away from me.


Also, so you know, your customer service on these matters is a bit lacking. The email I received was more of an ad for programing to buy, did not really specifically address my request, & gave me a link to follow to request a channel that didn't exist & this thread is long to search for a specific request.


Please carry WESH 2 out of Orlando, FL


Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged
We don't determine... the content provider determines their market area.

Here's something that has come to mind for pretty much any company that still sells DSL today. While I'm sure Verizon will toss the idea away as it breaks established network managing policies, it would be pretty cool to see a company such as Verizon implement the ability for people to change speeds on the fly, even on residential accounts if they wished to have more speed, regardless of the equipment they are going through but still within the physical limits of the equipment (eg; DSL technology and sync rates, edge router profiles). In an area such as mine that has been rejected for first-stage FiOS built-outs, it would mean keeping the DSL network in some form of competitive positiion now that Cable is pretty much scooping up people left and right.


I've outlined my idea in my blog since it's pretty wordy, so here's the link to it if you want details on what I've got to share. It's simply an open thought to consider for the company for the DSL service while they hopefully consider expanding FiOS out to areas such as mine full of people willing to pay for it.


My Blog Entry (


So to wrap this idea up, yeah, I know it isn't practical and it's going to cause some headaches for anyone reading the idea, but it's about time we try something new and actually innovative. Many people I'm sure would love this ability, and as defined in the last section of my post, we would rather pay for a cheap, best effort service that has the occasional slow-down than to fork up a couple hundred thousand dollars just to get a service that can be delivered to us already through conventional means.

Status: Acknowledged
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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