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Add some more south Asian channels

Status: Acknowledged
by abburi82 ‎12-25-2010 08:51 PM - edited ‎12-25-2010 08:55 PM

I see a big potential for adding many new customers if you add some more south Asian channels.

As of now i see 4 south asian channels, for a price of $35. I see this is very expensive, and i am disappointed with the channel line up.  No dedicated music channel or movie channel.

I would like to see at least one dedicated music channel E.g.: Zee-Music or MTV  or B4U Music.

and one channel dedicated for movies.

Most of the south asians are crazy about cricket. There is a big occasion coming up for cricket. ICC Worldcup.

If you can broadcast this event, i expect every body will go for that channel.

i my self a big fan of cricket eagerly waiting to watch live cricket on my television.






Status: Acknowledged
More international content is on the way

Since January 1, 2011, Verizon FiOS customers in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio), California area have been unable to watch the designated PBS station for our service area (KOCE/PBS SoCal), while Time Warner Cable customers can view that PBS station.  When longtime PBS full service station KCET Los Angeles announced in late 2010 that it was cutting its ties with PBS and going independent, Time Warner cable responded promptly in January 2011 to add KOCE/PBS SoCal for Coachella customers so they would not lose access to the PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and other major PBS programs. 


Verizon FiOS Coachella Valley is still limping along offering only a San Bernardino Valley College (community college) based junior PBS station (KVCR) to its Palm Springs area viewers. Fine if all you want is shows about where to dine in Rancho Cucamonga, but totally unacceptable if you are a loyal viewer of PBS's national programming.  KVCR operates on a small budget and cannot afford to pay PBS for carriage of the more expensive PBS shows such as the national nightly dinner  hour news broadcast PBS NewsHour.  PBS SoCal is the PBS-designated provider of that program to Coachella Valley TV viewers, who can see it IF they subscribe to Time Warner Cable.


Please, please, PLEASE Verizon FiOS:  Hurry up!  It is late August 2011 and still no PBS?  I first posted my concerns to the TV Content portion of this forum on June 22, 2011.  What is the holdup?  If our  local Fox affiliate had dropped out you would have added the Los Angeles Fox affiliate in a heartbeat lest the American Idol viewers riot!  Why treat the loss of our PBS affiliate any differently?  PBS is more than just Antiques Roadshow!  Get with it!  I want to sign up for a Verizon FiOS three-way bundle, but I won't give FiOS my business UNTIL they provide PBS SoCal to FiOS TV customers in my area, no matter how many mailings and flyers and discount offers you send me!

Status: Acknowledged
WearTech wear !

Status: Acknowledged
by WearTech on ‎08-20-2011 02:17 PM - last edited on ‎08-20-2011 03:10 PM by Moderator

That Verizon commercial with the guy wearing the "Utility"  belt with all the "devices" on it...  Is actually, my patented idea, this is the next generation of technology to come....Personal Electronics, will soon be worn this way, as fashionable accessories   "iBuckles"    

Status: Acknowledged

It would be a great feature to be able to add/modify/delete speed dial entries for my phone from MyVerizon.  Sometimes I forget what the * key is to add or who is listed under what number.

Status: Maybe Later

Change Default Chapter Time Length

Status: Not Likely
by rjcrx on ‎08-17-2011 07:33 PM

I just want to first and formost thank Verizon for bringing out an AWESOME new innovative product with IMG 1.9. If you dont have it yet get excited because it is amazing! One thing I think would be a little bit of an improvement would be the ability to edit the default chapter length. As far as I can see it goes in 6 second increments. I would like to see the ability to change the increment time from 1, 3, 5, 10 minutes. I think this would be a great feature almost like watching a dvd/blu-ray out of your recording. Maybe set it as an option underneath the enable chaptering menu. I think it would help improve searching through the program as the 6 second increments can create a lot of chapters to sort through. There is nothing I hate worse then accidentally ending a dvr program and having to try and fast forward right back to the exact spot I was at. All in all IMG 1.9 is definitely worth the wait if you don't have it yet! Again congrats on an awesome update!






Status: Not Likely
What I really want is scene detection... so there is a logic to the chapters like on DVD's (or books where the concept started)... take a news cast... here's the top headlines and this chapter is sports and the next one weather. In this scenario chapters would be all sorts of different durations.

WLNY-TV which is offered on ch10 in standard definition is broadcasting in HD on ch 55.1 as of April.
We don’t have SD sub channels  WCBS 2.2 CBSNY+  their 24-hour local news channel and  WPIX 11.3 This TV.
Any chance these channels can be added to FiOS in the Northern NJ and NYC area VHOs?

Status: Acknowledged

Adding Criminal Minds to On Demand

Status: Acknowledged
by BearsJState on ‎05-13-2012 04:44 PM

Why isn't Criminal Minds on demand?  It is posted for free on the CBS site but not on demand.  Could it be added?

Status: Acknowledged

Corded Phone Marketing

Status: Acknowledged
by RepealObama on ‎08-16-2011 05:25 AM

I suggest an ad campaign showing how important a landline, especially corded is for security and emergency availabliity.


1.)  Security - as a former IRS employee, we always advised the taxpayer that portal phones, cellular included are not secure.  I myself once heard another person's conversations on my portal phone.  Most important - if one is supplying ID information (social security number, bank account numbers, etc) it can be heard on a non-corded, portable device.


2.)  Emergency - In an emergency situation, cell towers will be so busy that calls cannot be connected.  If electricity is out then the cell cannot be charged.  Yes, you can charge from a vehicle, but what if you've run out of gas.  In October 2006, we had a storm for which I did not have power for 10 days.  I had a landline thank goodness.


3.)  If your landline is served through your computer connection and you lose electricity, the phone will not work.


I continue to hear folks dropping their landline.  Bad idea for secuity and emergency reason.  Most folks are not aware of this important information.

Status: Acknowledged

TV Guide channel

Status: Already Exists
by on ‎08-16-2011 05:26 AM

is there a channel that has the program listings and show times/information?  this would be especially helpful for those that only have a digital adapter or cable card.

Status: Already Exists
FiOS has a channel guide which you can access via the "Guide" button on your remote. There also is a TV Guide Channel. Its channel location depends on where you live.

More options on the website to change plans

Status: Acknowledged
by BobG821 on ‎08-15-2011 03:25 PM - last edited on ‎08-15-2011 03:27 PM by Moderator

How about giving your customers the option to change their plan online.   ONLY options are to add servers,  I want to CANCEL services on my plan that I didn't ask for but the website doesn't allow that! {please keep your posts courteous}  Getting charged extra 30 a month for something I didn't ask for.  Great way to lose your customers and **bleep** them off!!   Good job guys!   Guess I will go checkout Comcast

Status: Acknowledged

With the addition of Keith Olbermann to Current TV, and the recent hiring of a former CNN executive to expand their news broadcasting, it would seem that Current TV would be more at home in the 100 to 119 channel range along with the other news channels, not in the Siberia of the 190s.



Status: Acknowledged

Go directly to the highlighted program

Status: Acknowledged
by Gerry on ‎12-14-2010 02:20 PM

When in the View Schedule menu in the DVR it would be great that if you selected a program and hit the Guide button it would bring you to that program in the guide.

Status: Acknowledged
Interesting one to put on the list... but higher priority for me is the suggestion from nascar...

Channel Layout

Status: Acknowledged
by ricster52 on ‎05-10-2012 02:59 PM

Just switched over from Directv and I find the Channel layout for FIOS much more confusing and frustrating. The Directv channels eliminate the duplicate Std and HD channels (you can select what you want) and the channels are grouped in a much more intuitive order. Are there plans to update the FIO channel layout.

Status: Acknowledged

I would like the ability to put movies and shows that I have dvr'd, into folders.  I currently have about 6 Christmas movies saved and would like to put them in a "Holiday" folder and put comedies in a "comedy" folder, etc.  This would make scrolling through the saved movies/shows, much easier. 

Status: Acknowledged
Tough to implement and still make it usable... next step in IMG 1.9 is folders automatically generated, but enabling a remote control to do what is basically file management is pretty tough... I could see our mobile and tablet remote control apps doing something like this though

I have my TV color calibrated and in order to get full contrast it requires the setting of COLOR SPACE  (in the "hidden" menu under ADDITIONAL HDMI SETTINGS) to be set to RGB.  Every time the STB is rebooted (either remotely by Veriaon or by myself to correct hard drive space) the setting reverts to YCC 4:4:4.  It is a pain to have to reset this parameter through the hidden menu.


Please either stop resetting it or add it to the settings menu for easier access.

Status: Acknowledged
There are two types of "resets"... one is a reboot and your settings should be preserved. The other one is basically reset to factory default. I have to check to see is the reboot one is maintaining this setting... but the real "reset" won't do it... that's the point.
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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