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For a telephone company, Verizon has very poor telephone service and it does not explain its complicated services on the website.  For example, I want to set up voicemail screening. But, the website does not explain how to use the service once it is set up. I tried and failed to find out how to use it.  Verizon needs to explain its services more carefully and include more information -- not just about sales and setup but also about how to use the services.  It is almost as if, all Verizon cares about is the money we pay -- the rates are very high--but not about the services delivered.  

I tried calling you on the phone to get this information as well and hit a wall.  Your service took me to a place where someone would call me back... but that was also so complicated and difficult that I never got to specify a time for a call. 


Any other business which did this would be out of business soon because of poor phone service. But Verizon is a telephone company so of course you don't have to have good telephone service.



Status: Acknowledged

Hallmark movie channel

Status: Acknowledged
by CindyRe ‎09-01-2014 07:04 PM - edited ‎09-01-2014 07:11 PM

The Hallmark movie channel should be with the regular Hallmark channel and not looked at as a movie channel like HBO and Showtime. It makes more sense for them to offered as a package, than as separate channels and both offered in each TV package.

Status: Acknowledged

Every time i call the 800# for customer service (frequently to talk about incorrect charges on my bill), i have to enter my information via the automated system. 
when i finally get a sales rep, they ask for the same information all over again. I understand the concern for security and privacy; however, Verizon needs to do a quality assurance check/audit to streamline the process for customers who call in for service. Between the automated system and the sales rep. it should not take multiple requests for the same information, which in turn takes several minutes and creates impatient, frustrated customers.



Status: Acknowledged



On TV listings, there is a time marker line. When you load the page TV listings, you see the channels, and corresponding showes, and the time marker as well. The problem is that, this time marker, after like 15 minutes, or 30 minutes , still is in it's first position, wherease it should move forward as time passes. For example you load the TV listing page, and the time marker  line shows for example 11:30 which is the actual time, then if you stay on the page for 45 minutes in order to be current with the listings, or you are browsing different listiings , the time marker, after 45 minutes , still showes it's postion at 11:30 not 12:15.

Right now the only way to have the time marker line current with the present time is to refresh the page, or to reload the page.

It was nice if verizon could fix this thing, meaning as the time passes, the time marker line moves accordingly , so you do not have to refrsh the page all the times.

Status: Acknowledged

I can barely read the online channel guide and the various listings in the DVR and other sections. I can't be the only one with this problem. I already set parental control to YES on something by mistake and cannot find how to turn it off without creating a pin and actually setting parental controls!! I had no intention of using those at all! If I can't read the notations on the screen of my TV without getting up and walking toward the TV, I might as well go back to Comcast!

Status: Acknowledged

Let me watch the movies Ipaid for on whatever device I choose as long as I log in

Status: Acknowledged
by fgomez4000 on ‎09-10-2014 10:47 PM - last edited on ‎09-11-2014 05:52 AM by Moderator

Why are you putting restrictions on device to watch movies from my purchase history?


I bought more than 100 movies through flex view, and I come to find that I can only authorize/deauthorize a specific device twice a year???  What the hell s that all about?


I should be able to watch my movies when I want to... where ever I want to.


You shouldn't be blocking devices I paid for!  I'm heated right now, and you're closed, so I'm up **bleep**'s creek.

Status: Acknowledged

I thought Verizon would want to know about an email I received, supposedly from Verizon, requesting my sign-in information. But there's no way that I could find from the Verizon website to report it.  If you don't want to see such emails, perhaps you could still have information online on how to report these to the FTC or other entity that might care and be able to take action against a crook.

Status: Acknowledged

Automatic email sender deletion

Status: Acknowledged
by Kristenaid on ‎09-06-2014 07:11 AM
My email inbox gets so full with retail emails or breaking news updates. I want the emails for the short term in case I will be shopping and need a coupon etc., but they clog up my account. Wouldn't it be great if I could make a list of senders that will AUTOMATICALLY delete in say one week. That way my inbox doesn't get too full and. I get what I need short term. This would be a great addition.
Status: Acknowledged

Marketing to ineligible current customers

Status: Acknowledged
by Lynn21254 on ‎08-23-2014 09:06 AM - last edited on ‎08-24-2014 12:21 PM by Moderator

I receive marketing mailers from Verizon at least 4 times a week and sometimes more. I am not eligible for any of the plans advertised because I am an existing Verizon customer. I am always trying to find a way to reduce my bill. Perhaps if Verizon did not spend so much money on marketing to people with no chance of gaining a new customer, my monthly bill would not have to be so high.

Status: Acknowledged

Add FXX to Preferred

Status: Acknowledged
by ccp4 on ‎08-26-2014 05:03 AM

As mentioned in previous posts, FXX is not a sports network and is not a premium channel.  This should be added to the Preferred channel tier.  I was an RCN customer and moved to a new neighborhood and wanted to try Fios.  I'm extremely disappointed that FXX is not part of the Preferred package.  RCN offers a package at the same price as Fios Preferred, without premium channels - but it has FXX, NFL network, Tennis channel, and much more offered.  


Please add FXX at the very least, it's really diappointing that Fios Preferred does not have it currently. 

Status: Acknowledged

Today the set top box have no known abilty to restrict the the set top box to only show HD if avaible or to only show your subscripted channels. Today you get a pop up saying "Press C to view in HD".

- I would like to have a setting that makes that automatically.


In the program guide you can press OPTION and selected my subcription but when you go to "TV mode" you have "all channels" and you can't change that.

- I would like to have a general setting which gives me ONLY my subscription unless I choose different.


Status: Already Exists



I switched to Verizon ONLY because you carry all C-Span TV channels.


You show a lot of silly-named networks, but C-SPAN IS MISSING.






Status: Acknowledged

I'm so fed up with the bookmarking system for VOD. I have to keep clicking hundreds of times to access them. Then if I view a show list, then I have to click another hundred times to get back to my bookmarks. Then I have to scroll through ALL of them to find what I'm looking for because there is no way or put them in any kind of order. Then come to find I have 2 or 3 bookmarks for the same show. How can that happen???!


The following would make them much easier to use:


1. Assign a shortcut to immediately access "My Library>Bookmarks" such as one of the useless colored buttons or double press the "on demand" button

2. Allow us to change them from thumbnails to a text list

3. Allow us to put them in alphabetical order, or an order of our choice

4. Disallow/block duplicate bookmarks


These are very easy programming changes and would make VOD so much easier to use and navigate.

Status: Acknowledged

Eliminate ETF Penalties When Verizon Does Not Provide Services

Status: Acknowledged
by catherder on ‎08-23-2014 10:35 AM - last edited on ‎08-24-2014 12:23 PM by Moderator

I am moving and Verizon does not service my new address.   I tried to get Verizon service, but could not.   Nevertheless, Verizon is charging me $160 early termination penalty.  While technically, I understand that this is valid under the contract, it is totally hostile to customers.   Because of this, I will never use Verizon for wireless, phone, TV, or internet in the future. . .  even if it is cheaper than other availabler services.    If Verizon was interested in building customer relationships over the long term, then early terminations penalties should not be levied when Verizon cannot provide service after a move. 

Status: Acknowledged

How about putting the Maryland game on an HD channel instead of a game with now regional interest?

Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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