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Fix FiOS TV Pixelation on SD and HD channels!

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by MeanBob on ‎05-22-2012 04:59 PM

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed this, but as much as I like seeing my shows in HD or even in SD, there's a lot of pixelation going on whenever too much is being shown on-screen, such as graphics shown from networks that are really detailed or even if things are moving too fast.


Of all things that bother me is that it happens on channels that are SD. I can sort of understand it happening in HD, but in general, this shouldn't be happening at all. To be honest with you all, this was the first thing I noticed when I switched from my previous TV provider.


Does anyone else feel that it should get fixed as well?

Status: Acknowledged
by Silver Contributor III on ‎05-22-2012 06:57 PM

Do you have multiple STBs? If so, do the same channels show the problem  on all boxes?

Pixelation is most likely due to a coax and/or splitter problem in your house.

Contact tech support for assistance.

by MeanBob on ‎05-25-2012 10:05 AM

I do have multiple STB, but we've honestly had the tech support come on over to change the cables at our house.


Going to be going off-topic real quick, but they were actually over here because we had issues with the Fox Soccer HD, where it would say it would be unavailable, BUT it was definitely included in our package. Althogh the SD channel was available, we checked our friend's house, who had the same package as us; he had the channel. Sure it's been fixed an all, finally, although it does cut out from time to time...


Anyway, tech support did come to change all that, but even though the pixelation occurs on both HD and SD channels, it only happens when too much happens on-screen at once, regardless of what network you're watching.


This was one of my concerns when switching from DirecTV that I noticed. Not going to lie, this was back in Summer of '08...

by lrando on ‎05-27-2012 07:16 AM

Yes, yes & yes.  This happens quite frequently. Another big problem is that the sound will cut out.  It is so frustrating especially when using the DVR. Because when the sound cuts out, I miss what's happening and there's no way to go back and hear it.  It's recorded that way! I am so frustrated w/Verizon as a whole.  My email constantly has problems. I will try to delete something. It will say "deleting" but then it's still there.  When I try to do it again, I can't.  So I have to back out and try again. I am scheduling an appointment w/them.  Not that I expect much different to happen.  I have started looking into other providers.

by pramblejambles ‎05-28-2012 02:32 PM - edited ‎05-28-2012 02:41 PM

Pixilation can be introduced at several points in the data stream.

  1. Your neighborhood splitter can share its bandwidth with too many of your neighbors (see your contract).
  2. Your household wire cable connections & splitters / routers can pick up interference from electric (i.e. fridge, mower, & car motors & switches) & electronic devices (i.e. remote, dimmer, microwave, & other transmitters) devices.
  3. Your 'player' TV, DVR, etc., might have under-designed or degraded processing capability.

Sometimes you can locate the problem by replacing or removing components (a splitter, cable, or TV), or turning off appliances or house circuits to identify a source or load limit.

by on ‎05-29-2012 06:34 AM
It has started happening with me as well and I am not ahppy about it. I have noticed a decrease in the picture quality and a lot more pixelation and sound drops as well. I've been a FiOS customer for over 4 years now and the picture has been steadily getting worse over the last few months on ALL my tv's not just one. And it is a FiOS problem because my blu-rays play just fine. Up to about Feb/March of this year the picture has been perfect, only recently has it started to degrade.
by Moderator on ‎06-27-2012 02:30 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
by MeanBob on ‎06-28-2012 11:13 AM

It's not only just the pixelation, but also during any kind of program, including On-Demand, that the audio/video will freeze for one second and cut out and then it tends to play "catch up" and continue from where it is at that moment during play!

by MdangDave on ‎08-27-2012 06:28 PM

Hmmm, Verizon recently increased its data rates after you started noticing pixelation? It makes me wonder if they sacrificed video quality to increase data quantity. Oh and BTW, their rates increased as well.


We recently noticed pixelation as well on some of our channels like SyFy. We've been using FiOS for 3 years and never had quality issues (besides VOD) until now. It's a real shame too because I didn't have a problem paying a little more for better quality but I'll be damned if I'll pay more for the same service I can get elsewhere.


by Operations86 on ‎09-09-2012 08:09 AM

I've been a fios customer in Potomac Maryland  for several years, since it became available, and I can also tell that there has been a degradation of service on FIOS TV.   I receive consistent pixelization on HD channels for Comedy Central and Nickelodeon on all 3 of my sets, and some intermittent pixelization on other channels as well.   This started around May-June or so.   I had a service rep out here is June to swap out an ONT because I upgraded my internet connection speed and they said I needed a new ONT to have that capability.  


Anyway, since I can view the pixelated channels on SD, I haven't bothered to get involved with verizon customer service, which can be a lengthly and frustrating experience. 


So if anyone at Verizon is reading these comments, it would be nice if you could admit on this forum that they exist and you are working on a fix.  




by scottmac on ‎09-30-2012 09:23 PM

It's useful to read all of the pixelation problems posted by everyone here.  Thank you:  Operations86, Bobbo527, MeanBob, pramblejambles, and LRando.   If you identify or come to a resolution regarding TV image pixelation and erratic sound, please post and let us know what created the problem(s) and how you solved the issue(s).   To add to the problem database here:


- I've been a FIOS customer for years. Burning nearly $300/month to FIOS for all services, HD TV, All Phones, All Highest End Internet.   Generally I've been impressed with the fiber optic technology the speeds and service.  We did have 1 run-in with FIOS from charges for a non-requested service.  Long story.  Brutal.  Lawyers.  You know the deal.  It starts consuming so many days of your life, it's easier to just give up, send money and remember to be ultra-vigilant about service details and bill review.  Negative business issues aside, technically, technology-wise, FIOS has been the best. 


- To the point here, since around March of 2012 rather "sudden" pixelation occurred on all of our TVs (varying between 2 and 3 TVs with their own Set Top Boxes (STBs).  All HD boxes.  Two with DVR recorders in them, one not.   The pixelation problem has persisted - March, April, May, June, July, August, September and tomorrow, October.  8 months at 300/mo - $2400 in cash for....for... pixelated TV shows?    Sometimes the pixelation diminishes a bit, but some is always there.   Other times pixelation so intense the entire screen is garbled and the sounded is intolerable and unintelligible. The pixelation is of course recorded on all of the DVR recordings of shows - so tons of permanent, re-viewable evidence.   Physical location of all of this is in: Montgomery County, Maryland.


- So of course I've appealed to Verizon/FIOS, multiple times.  Since March, months of calls to FIOS - enough to make a telethon career out of.  The first corrective action attempts were to reset the STBs.  So we reset them - many times.  Then reset Modem, just to make sure there was no internet interactions or conflicts.  Then we shifted to the emergency backup battery - the FIOS reps - a number of them suspected a defective back-up battery.  Disconnect battery, reconnect battery.  10-20 step lengthy processes, talking with multiple techs over the phone for 45 minutes at a whack.  And of course the FIOS techs resetting the STB/DVR boxes too, multiple times.  None of that worked. None.


- So, maybe it's TV related.  But wait, it's on both, all TVs.  Well, just in case, we replaced all of the TVs with NEW TVs.  Yeah, I'm not kidding, new TVs.  So, toss in $5000 to ensure that possibility of pixelation is removed.  Still, we have pixelation.  Oh, importantly, when using DVDs in a recorder direct into the sets - there is ZERO pixelation, all is 100% flawless, and Blu-Ray and regular DVDs are perfect.


- So, the next level of appeal is to FIOS's expert techs.  Apparently the weekday techs do installs and have nominal expertise.  We had several come out.   Most of them are nice.  They replaced cables.  Then we had them entirely replace the battery backup.  Then all of the STBs.  Then they added some in-line db attenuators to adjust signal strength.  Then new cable junctions.   At the end of these efforts, momentarily it seemed like, in a few moments of TV watching, the fixes worked.  But invariably none did.  Pixel City every time.


- So then we appealed again and the FIOS folks said the super tech guys only come out on Saturdays.  So we finally got a FIOS Super-Tech on a Saturday.   He immediately said all of the pixelation problems must be due to the outside fiber to wire junction and circuitry box, so he replaced the entire board/box.    He watched the TV thereafter, and it seemed to fix the pixelation largely.  But no.  Within hours or days we were in full pixelation again.  That was about July.  And we've been blessed with irritating pixelation 24/7 ever since.


- Given all of the boxes, cables, tv's, new tv's, batteries, etc. we pretty much replaced everything, and the end result is - intolerable pixelation.   Our conclusion is, that it must be coming from the FIOS lines long before it ever gets to us.   We asked, could there be line interference on the incoming feed to our sets?  Could there be line damage?  (There had been power line installation going on nearby in the Spring.)  The Super FIOS Tech said - that's impossible - the fiber lines would either work or be dead if inadvertantly cut.  Given it's fiber, I suppose that would be true.


- Prambejamble's post was of note:  Could it be a junction / splitter in the neighborhood and a bandwidth problem?  If so, we'd like to hear more about that.


- We're not alone with our FIOS pixelation difficulties either.  Our neighbor's service was far worse than ours to the point where last month they cancelled FIOS entirely and had a team of Comcast folks come out and do a major gutting and new Comcast install.   From what I can tell, our neighbors are the 1st of many FIOS customers to fall away, like a house of cards, from FIOS use.  


- It's clear that FIOS, at least in our immediate area has some MAJOR data and signal integrity issues, with the result being severe pixelation.  You'd think they'd want to save piles of $300/month customers, but apparently not.   The tech's don't know how to help.  The Super-Techs tried, but nope, failed.   Oddly, the techs and Super-Techs seem to lack the high-end diagnostic equipment needed to test and analyze problems like this.  They can look at signal strengths and db's and what-not, but they didn't seem to have any diagnostic equipment that could detect dropped-packets, erratic signals, etc.  Why Not???


There is probably a relatively simple explanation for this pixelation problem, the cause is probably just not obvious.   FIOS could help many many people if it would figure this out and let everyone in FIOS PIXEL HELL know how to resolve the problem.   FIOS could maintain its standing as a great company and service provider if it could conquer this.  The alternative is that FIOS erodes into a Comcast or worse.





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