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Status: Launched
by transon on ‎01-29-2011 12:46 PM - last edited on ‎01-29-2011 01:30 PM by Moderator

My DVR is the old 80GB model. The new 500GB model has been available to "new" customers for some time now. Current customers can only get on a "someday" waiting list. Full story below. Incidentally, this is the worst treatment I get from any service I pay for from any vendor. If I could get fiber from anyone else, I'd dump Verizon.




Status: Launched
To be precise only new DVR customers had a chance to get a 500GB (new to FiOS or not was not the criteria). New customers were just as likely as existing customers to get the 500 GB DVR or the previous model. If an existing customer orders a new DVR (i.e. another one or their first one) then they are just as likely as a new customer to get or not get the 500GB DVR. Swapping an existing DVR for a new one required us to build code to manage the processes involved in moving boxes all over the place, it was not a slight to existing / loyal customers. And we needed to know about how many folks would swap (hence the registration), so we can buy enough new units to satisfy the demand. Now you can request an upgrade.
by hemlo on ‎03-01-2011 01:39 PM

We had our services installed in last week of December 2010, I was not aware of DVR capacity at that time.  After reading this I would like to share my thoughts that Verizon gave us only 80GB DVR.  We are the new customer and never had Verizon services before.  Also looking at the STB carefully there are lot of scratches on Verizon!  Not only that I had to replace the batteries in my FiOS remote in less than a month! 


Why would you not change our DVR to 500GB or why gave us only 80GB in the first place??

by Employee on ‎03-03-2011 04:30 AM

hemlo - you mean 80 hours?  What's the model number?  Because we haven't shipped an 80GB device in quite some time.

by OldMusic on ‎03-26-2011 01:01 PM

After requesting a 500Gig DVR on a Verizon site I received an email from Verizon.  The email mentioned the $39.99 exchange fee but did not mention the monthly cost of the new DVR.  I presently pay $12.99 for each of my DVR's.  After calling customer service I was told have to pay the $39.99 exchange fee plus the cost of the new DVR would be $19.95/month.   So the new DVR is available if I want to pay the extra charges.

by Lafs on ‎12-18-2012 03:35 PM

I too am very angry about the new dvr box. My dvr is a 6000 series, the first available in my area. I have 20 hours of storage. I recently upgraded my service with Fios and saw that they now advertise the dvr as a 80 hour recorder. I asked to be upgraded and was told it could only be done online and it would cost $40. I have been paying over $200 a month since 2007 for TV, internet and phone and I guess that's not enough for Verizon. My equipment is over 5 years old and yet new customers can get the higher capacity box with new installation but I have to pay. I'm getting so sick and tired of Verizon's treatment of their loyal customers. Always the higher prices and old equipment. Everyone is talking about the new ROKU and how you can watch all your shows for nothing but the $100 price. I'm thinking I should give this a try and it may be worth dropping TV from my Verizon package. Smarten up Verizon and treat your long time customers better.

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