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Adding A New Fee to Pay On-Line

Status: Launched
by dacutus1 on ‎09-17-2010 12:02 PM

Here is a Great New Idea for Verizon. Don't include the new fee for a third party vendor that you are about to impose on those who  wish to pay On-Line.  Obviously, it is an attempt to force the Auto Pay function for OL bill pay.  It's a great idea for those who wish to use it and is clearly a useful tool for those who don't want the hassle or worry of having to pay the bill each month. (Out of mind, Out of sight!) But some people (like me) don't want companies to have open access to their bank acct., not even for a monthly bill deduction.

Last time I checked, most companies were trying to make it easier to pay OL. This may be easier for some, but more complicated for those not wishing to use AutoPay. Now our choice is to do your AutoPay or pay a Vendor fee or go back to the stone age and slomo mail a check each month to avoid the $3.50 fee. I'm new to the Verizon ViOS system and am so far not impressed with what I see. Unlike with Bright House, there is no Movies ON Demand as such, MOD means PPV movies and some free ones ON Demand. But not Premium channels On-Demand. Nor can one start a show over without 1st having recorded it on the DVR. Now we complicate the OL Bill Pay Function by saying go AutoPay or pay a fee. Again, Bright House OL BillPay is still free.  Maybe my decision to switch to FiOS wasn't such a good one after all. I'm re-thinking that decision real hard and I hope I'm not alone.

DW (dacutus1)


Status: Launched

This has been changed and there is no longer a plan to move forward with this fee.

by warpedonos2 on ‎09-18-2010 08:02 PM

I agree.  I don't want to be forced into auto pay.  I like to control the money going out of my account.  What if someone makes a mistake and takes too much out of my account or there is a dispute on a charge.  They'll take the money out of the account and then try to get it back. At least now you don't have to pay disputed charges until it's resolved.


My son-in-law had this happen with an Internet Service Provider.  They were gong belly up so they decided to suck out all the money out of his account.  Took him over a year to get his credit cleaned up not counting the loss of funds.  Why ate we going backwards with technology.  They get you to use it and then they, in this case VERIZON, pull something **bleep** like this.  They'll get everyone on auto pay and then guess what-a $5.00 convenience fee for using auto pay.  I had another company do the same thing so I couldn't even look at my account unless I agreed to auto pay. Guess what Verizon, you're Number 2 for me going the snail mail way.  Did it before and I can do it again.  Guess they like opening the envelopes instead of getting the money electronically by debit or credit card. 


WAKE UP verizon.  I guess you don't have to as you're the only kid on the block providing landlines.  That's what happens when you have a monopoly.  Hope the government gets wind of this from other people besides me.  Maybe they can get their hands in Verizon and help them out like they did with our health care and the economy.  Nuff said.

by Admin Emeritus on ‎09-20-2010 08:23 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
by LMontegary on ‎09-20-2010 10:07 PM

Sorry Verizon, I'll go back to mailing in my check with a postage stamp and envelope. I need to control my checking account and do not want to do the Auto Pay option. I think it's a terrible idea and knowing that my contract will expire I will begin looking at my options. This is how you reward those who have been with Verizon for years? Somehow Verizon thinks Paying someone to open letters containing checks and posting them to the bank is better than online bill paying that puts the money in your account electronically. I will have to change my internet service too, since your technology standards are going backwards, making it more costly to pay bills online than the old way.


by myst812 on ‎09-21-2010 02:42 PM

Well I guess I'll be sending a check to Verizon every month in addition to TECO because I don't want ANY company messing around in my bank account. Good job **bleep**! Have fun opening the envelope and processing a paper check!! It will cost me a LOT less than $3.50 every month for a check and a stamp!

by on ‎09-29-2010 08:59 AM

Count me in as one who will start mailing my payments into Verizon every month as well. I also like the control over my accounts. 



by on ‎09-29-2010 05:36 PM

Let's pay to be green. Yes good promotion. Are you going to give the fee to Save the Planet, or just the stock holders?


How much recycled content is in all your bills and promotional material? I like my paper bill because My Verizon can change. It would be good to know the bills were on recycled paper.


All though I have not seen it, I will be looking.

by 1stepcloser2cutLL on ‎10-02-2010 08:26 AM

Guess I have to go buy stamps.  Just one step closer to pushing me to cut the Land Line.  Up until now, it was only electric companies with this foolishness.  Any company that wants to CHARGE me for paying their bill is a company suggesting that I look to the competition....Yep -- there are alternatives to a Verizon Land Line, and to all other Verizon services.

by 1stepcloser2cutLL on ‎10-02-2010 08:29 AM

And -- how about not sending me all the snail mail spam for services I don't want or aren't available.


I will be sending all return envelops from the other trash mailings with all the debris that comes with my bill.

by Admin Emeritus on ‎10-05-2010 07:48 AM
Status changed to: Under Review
by maitri on ‎10-05-2010 10:20 AM

I am so frustrated by this continuous warrantless gouging.  We have to pay to pay?  I too resent and resist giving any company access to my bank accounts and would like to trust a company enough to go paperless.  I am even more upset that I had to find out about this new fee from a newspaper article.  I can't find any notice on my last bill.


The only way to have any impact on a company's actions is by hitting the bottom line.  The only reason I keep my land line now is because it's most economical when combined with internet access.  I can't afford to upgrade or I would go completely wireless.


Does anyone out there have any suggestions on ways to raise the visibility of this (basically **bleep**) issue of paying to pay?  Only a mass uprising of customer wrath would cause even a blip on Verizon's radar.  How hard could it be for every customer to write a single email complaint to Verizon?  Three dollars and fifty cents a month...every month...  For how many people could this be the final straw?


(And, yes, I have dreams of collecting all the junk mail I've received telling me to sign up for Fios and burying the entire marketing department under it.)

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