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IPv6 support - TunnelBroker or Prefix-Delegation support?

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Registered: ‎04-24-2022

IPv6 support - TunnelBroker or Prefix-Delegation support?

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Recently got 5G Home Internet (with IP Passthrough configured) and while moving from Spectrum I discovered that my 6in4 tunnel did not work... It appears that protocol 41 (6in4) is being blocked or not getting through to the destination. So, I tried Prefix-Delegation to allow for IPv6 addressing to the inside network. That did not appear to work either so I am stuck with Spectrum for IPv6 until I can get some kind of solution.


1. Is protocol 41 (6in4) being blocked (possibly at the 5G Internet device) or is there something preventing it from reaching the destination?

2. Are there plans on allowing Prefix-Delegation and what is the timeframe for such a feature?


Anyone that knows anything further about this or has success/failures, please provide your feedback.




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Copper Contributor
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Re: IPv6 support - TunnelBroker or Prefix-Delegation support?

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I can't speak specifically to 5G home service, but I know in general on wireless, Verizon does use carrier-grade NAT, which wouldn't work for an IPv6 tunnel (because the public IP address would be at Verizon's border, not your own router). If your router is getting an IP address in the 100.64.x.x to 100.127.x.x range, you're subject to that CGNAT. (ref: IETF RFC 6598).


Also... I've seen where Verizon will delegate a single /64 to mobile hotspots on their wireless networks (having had a couple of 4G hotspots over time, all have had this capability)... I would imagine the same would be true if you have 5G Home service from them. I assume it would be through DHCPv6-PD, but again, not having the 5G Home service I can't say for certain how they're distributing that. 

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: IPv6 support - TunnelBroker or Prefix-Delegation support?

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I believe Verizon just implemented IP Passthrough support on the 5G Home Gateways. However I don't know if this also spills over to IPv6 support. IPv6 tends to be an afterthought since for most people, it will have minimal change in what they can access day to day (despite the privacy and performance improvements it brings!).


Would be interested in knowing whether passthrough actually allows prefix delegation to work. Otherwise you'll probably need Passthrough mode on the router. 

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Registered: ‎04-24-2022

Re: IPv6 support - TunnelBroker or Prefix-Delegation support?

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Yes, Verizon did just implement IP Passthrough and I am using it with good results.  However, all indications are they did not implement prefix-delegation due to connection failures.  I suspect that they did not implement any of the IPv6 features be it 6in4 or prefix delegation because they are not as important as stability changes.  I completely understand that and so I am waiting patiently for the next firmware update and hope to see some IPv6 support.


One positive, per MikeV (thank you for the information), is that I am not being subjected to the Verizon carrier-grade NAT because the IPs being provided do not fall in the range and I am able to use my provided IP for VPN from the Internet.  


Thank you both for your feedback and information.  I will provide further information when the new firmware is released or if I hear any relevant information.




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