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Alexa setup does not work

Alexa setup does not work

Contributor MoreFrustrated
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I have another piece to add to the puzzle.  Like many of you, I have paired up by Echo dot/alexa to my cable boxes (both kinds that are suppose to be compatible) and found that while Alexa acts like it's working, it isn't - the channels aren't changing.  However, I also have an Echo Dot 2, and it works perfectly. So the problem seems to be with the old Echo. I believe they are both hooked to the same AP. I thought there might be new firmware for the Echo that just needed to be uploaded, but after trying to get it to do this by just hitting the microphone mute and waiting (suggested in a YouTube video I found) nothing happened. I really don't have any reason to really suspect out of date firmware otherwise. So I'm still as frustrated as everyone else here, but would like to know if others with this problem are using the older Echo Dot, or whether this problem is more widespread.

Contributor Menumaster
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I managed to update my echo (1st gen) to the latest software but this didn’t resolve the problem.  Spent another hour with fios and they say it’s a problem with my router.  They’re sending me a new one which they “guarantee”(!) will fix the issue....will let you know if it does

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Do you have a "standard" setup with echo and STBs?

Ie, are you just using the fios router and no others?

Does the fios mobile app work work with STBs?

Both remote control and ability to remotely play recorded content?

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Contributor Rock79
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Just got my new STB this week.  Same issue here. 

First generation echo 

Fios app works fine. 

Alexa makes like its working saying whats on even, but channel doesn't change. 

Contacted tech support, nice guy, said they are still learning this new feature too so he couldn't figure it out. 

Contributor ChrisD3171
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I use a 2nd generation Echo Dot with FiOS. I worked fine yesterday and the day before. Suddenly today it won't change channels. It seems to find the channel, say what is currently on that chanel, and says it is changing but then doesn't actually do it. I have changed nothing on my configuration since yesterday. I've tried resetting the STB, resetting the Dot, resetting the router ... nothing helps. I tried it with another dot (which also previously worked), and that one does not work now either. So I don't think it's an Alexa issue since two different Dots that worked before don't work now. I think it's  a Verizon issue that they need to fix.

Contributor ecbutler
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I'm having same issue here, but when I ask Alexa to search for a show, the search results show up on my TV. If I ask her to change channel, I get a response like she's gonna do it,  but nothing happens. I have not yet tried to contact support (been reading this thread)

Contributor Jwony89
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I think it’s a server issue.  It was working yesterday.  Alexa does search for shows and can rewind and fast forward but channel changing is not working.

Contributor Chuckles1
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Same here worked great yesterday.  It will pause and restart but not changing channels

Contributor pagood151
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I have the same issue. Worked great for a couple days then nothing yesterday or today.  I have unlinked and relinked a dozen times. Hope they find out the issue as I got spoiled haha

Contributor _gmoney_
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Issues still persist... I can also search On Demand programming and Pause/Play but channels don't change.


I didn't get much support this weekend but now that we're into the work week I am hoping the backend video team (or whomenver can look into this) will fix it quickly. 


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