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Amazon Echo Plus ( Alexa) Am I the only person with DSL in area who bought one and can't use?

Amazon Echo Plus ( Alexa) Am I the only person with DSL in area who bought one and can't use?

Contributor Momatude
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Registered: ‎11-29-2017

Am I the only person in the Lehigh Valley PA who bought an Amazon Echo Plus ( Alexa) and found that it can't be used with Verizon DSL??? Two days of customer service calls and no one from Verizon, until the last 15 minutes of hours of calls - me going back and forth between Amazon and Verizon, would tell me you can't hook Echo to the Verizon DSL? Amazon ( FREE) support told me the info Verizon was providing was incorrect but I couldn't believe this and kept asking Verizon tech if it was true and I never got a straight answer until the end of two days. I asked if they had ever had other calls about this issue and they said they had not. HOW is this possible?  No one in the third largest city in Pennsylvania bought an Echo only to realize they can't use it with Verizon??? Impossible to believe. 

Contributor Qwerty30
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Registered: ‎12-02-2017

I have Verizon DSL 7mbps and will try setting up an echo this week.  I’ll tell you if I have any better luck. If not, I’ll be regretting not choosing another provider

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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For the both of you.



There is a forum that states you need 5mps for a good connection. And 2.4 / 5 Ghz WiFi bands. I have not used dsl in ages but I don’t believe these connections are sufficient or possible.


why not just get Fios internet with their WiFi routers and then have a sustainable connection. 


Contributor Momatude
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-29-2017

There was no resolution- they didn't tell me the truth for the two days I spent hours trying to hook it up and even returning the Echo and getting another. The so called Verizon "High Speed" internet is anything but high speed. It will not connect the Echo. It doesn't have a sustained speed and the WPA2-Personal is not supported by Echo. 


Unless you have RCN or Fios- don't bother. Verizon is hopelessly behind the times tech-wise and will not be introducing FIOS to new areas because it's not a sustainable money-maker for them. It's expensive to set up in new areas and customers are always dropping service to get introductory rate cuts with other carriers. They've been "getting FIOS to our area" for years and years. Not happening, not going to happen. 

MVP Smith6612 MVP
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It wouldn't make sense for the Echo to not support WPA2 Personal. It's an 802.11n device whic must support WPA2 Personal as per the standard. I have an Echo at home, as well, and it works fine.


The Echo consumes the bulk of it's data usage during firmware upgrades or when asking it a question. Basically, up to a Megabyte of data to transmit your question up to the cloud, search, and deliver results. Software updates can be up to a couple hundred Megabytes and those are far and few. Beyond that, the device uses maybe 4.5MB of data a day just to maintain a connection back to Amazon, and to report back status, along with a few other activities it may do based on your customization.


With that said, you'll want to try a few things. Make sure your router is configured to ONLY use WPA2 Personal. Disable WPS / PIN based setup of the wireless if you have a newer ActionTec or D-Link gateway, as these can confuse the device. Also, cosnider changing your WPA2 password. Some characters may not bne supported by the device. For the Wi-Fi mode, leave it set to "Compatibility" mode so that 802.11n and 802.11g devices can connect - Performance mode is usually not worth it.


While you're in there, make sure the Firewall on your DSL gateway is either set to Low, or is set to Off. Disable UPnP as it's not needed.


Beyond that, swap out your DSL gateway for another if there's problems connecting.

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