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Extremely slow internet after Sandy in entire neighborhood

Extremely slow internet after Sandy in entire neighborhood

Contributor rtteachr
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After hurricane Sandy our FIOS internet download speeds dropeed to 3-5 mpbs. I contacted Verizon and they are sending me a new router to try. This morning I found out several of my neighbors are having the same problem and one is getting a new router too. I find it hard to believe everyone needs a new router at the same time.


I chatted with someone at Verizon this morning who did an area test taht showed no issues. Again, I find it hard to believe this is a house by house situation. My neighbor is convinced something is worng at the node? 


Thoughts? Right now I was told to just wait for the new router and call back if that doesn't work.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Sending a new router is a standard troubleshooting procedure. They do that per policy unless you can convince them that everyone is having the same problem wired into their router. Then, they'll skip the router part. Good change is after the storm there's still some gear that is down. If TV and Telephone service is showing problems too it could be damaged fiber that requires a truck roll to fix.


I'd have a Network tech at the FSC (Fiber Solutions Center) take a look at the gear you're going through to ensure it is working as it should and isn't alarming back any errors. Fiber requires a clean light source and the OLTs also require enough reliable capacity in the network to support the network.

Contributor rtteachr
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Thanks. Router arrived today (sooner than told) and of course it didn't work. Got person on phone to send out tech. He's coming Tuesday. Hopefully he can fix it. Tech is ging to other neighbor's house too. Figure between the two houses or more it should be figured out.

Contributor outspoken
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The reason your internet is slow is that Verizon is having very slow response times between their points of service.


You will not hear this from any tech, nor will you get resolution from any field worker.


Once they have restored service to their edge networks things will return to normal.


If you would like to track this information you can use the following Internet Health monitor - http://www.internetpulse.net/


There are other ones, you can search google for Internet Health - some have fancy maps.


We're all in the same boat, expect service to go in and out as the response times have been fluxtuating heavily. If you have a VPN, proxy or other DNS provider you can get around a lot of the wait time but will still be forced to deal with the time-outs due to bandwith allotments between service points.

Contributor mgkganesh
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I am in Harrison, NJ. I raised a ticket. They told me there is a service outage in my area and they will inform me when that is resolved. My high speed internet is up but with very slow speed of (Down/Up) 232 Kbps / 248 Kbps. No idea how to get this resolved as their constant answer is until service outage is resolved they cannot raise another ticket and send a technician.

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