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FIOS Ethernet speeds not guaranteed?

FIOS Ethernet speeds not guaranteed?

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I was told today that because my download speeds were over the guaranteed rate,  it did not matter that my upload was lower than the plan I paid for. "Your speeds are pretty good and it is just an approximation" so no they dont actually guarantee the speeds.


The bigger problem is that the hurricane blew out my wireless altogether. I believe the power outage might have partially damaged the Verizon router. I had hoped if they were to tackle the Ethernet slowness that they might fix the wireless problem along the way. For wireless to be perfect for a year then drop to nearly zero after the storm and for them to say that it must be interference from beams in the wall makes no sense. I don't get wireless even if I am sitting three feet from the router.

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Platinum Contributor III
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If you suspect it's the router take it out of the equation. It could be the reason for the poor upstream speeds. As Verizon stated, they cannot guarantee speeds due to the shared nature that FiOS is (16-32 homes on a single splitter, depending on design). Even if you had a guaranteed connection rate back to Verizon they wouldn't be able to guarantee any sort of Internet performance since that is beyond their control.


The speed between your router and the ONT through the copper wiring is guaranteed 100Mbps or 1Gbps for as long as the cable itself is in good shape. If it is not in good shape, you might find something such as a Half Duplex link being used or some frame loss due to signaling trouble.


In short, I would first start by using a Web100 test to see if it can pick up on some basic problems with connectivity. Use an off network site such as this: http://web100.rit.edu:7123/ . Once that has been ran, take a screenshot of the results (see: take-a-screenshot.org for info on how to do this) and attach the picture to your post. Next, run an on-network NDT test. Visit http://speedtest.verizon.com/ and select the option for "75Mbps or Lower" even if your speed is faster. Pick of course your regional server and then start the test. Copy/paste the results you get to a post.


If you find your upstream speeds are poor, see if you can get another router to replace your current ActionTec with the potentially dead Wireless chipset. If it isn't the router or the cabling, we can then see about getting your Current ActionTec back into working condition.

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