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FIOS credit for Sandy lost service

FIOS credit for Sandy lost service

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I called FIOS today and asked about a credit for the five days that I did not have FIOS service.  After being asked about the duration of the lost service (5 days), I was put on hold for about five minutes. When the representative returned, she told me that I would receive a credit for some $33.00 plus applicable taxes. I received a confirmation email about 1 hour late, followed a link to a FIOS web site, and was a credit for $35.00 and change. Anyone who lost FIOS service should call FIOS and request a credit.


Well done FIOS. Some people have complained about Cablevision not giving automatic credits, and maybe the same could be said for FIOS, but without their being told how long the outage lasted in my particular case, I don't know how they could automatically give me a credit.


Now, if only something could be done about the battery backup phone. IMHO, I would trade any advantage that I may get from the digital phone line for a good POTS landline with it's copper line. My neighbor across the street has this, and she never lost service (yes, a downed line could result in lost service, but this applies to both types). I used her phone to retrieve my vociemail messages (FIOS has my cell number as an emergency number and forwarded all calls to that number. Since I did not have Sprint cell service either, all calls to either number went to Sprint's voicemail).


This needs to be looked at, and quickly. To cut customers off from 911 in an emergency such as Sandy cannot be justified. Once again, we have learned that cell phones cannot be depended on in such an event.


Contributor Clair
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Thank you - I just called Verizon and got credit for 6 day storm outttage ($20.40).

As an aside, I was unaware that FIOS telephone service was dependent on electricity.

It never occured to me and Verizon did not inform me when I switched to FIOS TV/Internet.

They 'sold' me on package to include telephone service without pointing out that I would

lose the security of phone service if and when power goes out. Over the years I have never

lost phone service during Manhattan power outtages.  I intend to lodge a complaint with

NY State Public Service Commission re Verizon's failure to inform consumer of critical info.


PSC link: http://www3.dps.ny.gov/W/PSCWeb.nsf/All/3A2D2D4F96A5158D85257687006F3961?OpenDocument






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Thanks for this post.  I've been trying to figure out how to report a Sandy outage thru the website, but keep being directed to nonexistant web pages.  I too had no idea that the phone service was dependant on having power.  Verizon did not advise of this significant deficiency when I switched to FIOS.  

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