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How to Get the Fastest FiOS Speed

How to Get the Fastest FiOS Speed

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Silver Contributor V
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With all the great FiOS speeds that Verizon provides, you want to make sure you’re getting the fastest speed your plan allows.  Here are some tips for doing just that:


Please remember that all FiOS speeds are best achieved while using a wired connection.  Speeds will vary if you’re using a wireless connections.


If you’re still not getting the speed you think you should, please ensure that you have the proper gigabit network interface (NIC) card installed. You will need a connection of 10/100/1000 for FiOS speeds >99 Mbps downstream.  Look here (link to:

http://www22.verizon.com/home/fios-fastest-internet/#equipment) to see how to find out what kind of NIC card you currently have.


If you need additional help, please create a post on the FiOS Internet board. You can also reach support agents on Twitter @VerizonSupport, on Click to Chat or on Facebook at our Fans of FiOS page.

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Glad this is sticked. I believe the mention of needing a WIred connection should be bolded, with a mention that a computer must have a 1Gbps connection for Quantum tiers that run beyond 90Mbps/90Mbps.

Contributor trautz
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Nice for wired connections, but a wireless connection, with a laptop that is 5 feet from the router should not be 12mbps. While I realize Verizon wants to "chicken out" with a "we don't guarantee wireless" statement, that is unacceptable. I suggest Verizon figure out some way to support wireles. Most people do not sit next to their routers, when they have multiple devices in their homes.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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This seems to be nothing more than a huge lack of knowledge by some folks about LAN vs WAN network speeds.


Wireless LAN connections have absolutely NOTHING to do with FiOS connection speeds.  Nothing at all.  The wireless connections DOES impact the speed the connected computer can send/receive data to the LAN, but NOT how fast the router communicates with the WAN.


If someone has only a 12Mbps wireless connection to a computer, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with FiOS or Verizon - they simply do not know how to set up their wireless LAN.


We do need to acknowledge, however, that even the best, most perfect  wireless LAN configurations will not come close to a gigabit wired LAN speed.  High end routers are capable of 300 Mbps speeds on a single radio, and the current top FiOS MI424 rev I router is only capable of 130 Mbps wireless speed.  But I want to reitterate, this is only the speed between the wireless device and the access point - NOT the WAN speed that FiOS is providing.


So if you simply want to know what actual speed you are getting from FiOS, you must measure it  with a computer connected WIRED to the router with a gigabit NIC - and note carefully that last part - a wired connection doesn't mean squat if your computer only has a 10/100 NIC!!!! 


And if your your normal LAN connection is always wireless, then make sure you are not paying for more WAN speed than your LAN access point can deliver to your wireless computer.

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Bronze Contributor I
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It should also be noted that:

  • The optimizer link will only work with IE6 or higher.
  • Expect to install another ActiveX control, vzTCPConfig.CAB
  • And for Windows 7 users, you need to run that IE as Administrator.
Contributor OldMalden
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But the link from my ActionTEC MI424WR-GEN2 router [F/W 20.19.8 H/W rev E] is showing on my Gigabit switch as 100Mb and I use a CAT6 cable. So what difference will my 1Gb NIC make when the AT is only running at 100Mb? I just ran the Verizon speed test and got a measly 6 Mb on my 35/35 line. Kerry Walsh
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Well a gigabit NIC is of no value at all without a gigabit router (at least no value for internet access).  MI424 gen2 routers are NOT gigabit - you need the gen3 versions for that.  I think the gen3 starts with rev G - I know for a fact that the rev I routers are gen3 gigabit routers.

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Platinum Contributor III
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The Gen3 Router is 79.99 now. used to be a hundred plus... https://teleproducts.verizon.com/fios/index.cfm/eh/DisplayProducts
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Bronze Contributor I
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That is a sure sign that something new is coming down the pike.

@Hubrisnxs wrote:
The Gen3 Router is 79.99 now. used to be a hundred plus... https://teleproducts.verizon.com/fios/index.cfm/eh/DisplayProducts


Contributor DJJayito
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I was wondering if I opt to get the GEN3 router... https://teleproducts.verizon.com/fios/index.cfm/eh/DisplayDetails will I see better wireless speeds?

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