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How to Get the Fastest FiOS Speed

How to Get the Fastest FiOS Speed

Contributor earlbenz
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I keep getting the message "The signature of VzSpeedOptimizer100.exe is corrupt or invalid."

Contributor earlbenz
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Registered: ‎02-09-2016
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And the new laptops don't have wired ethernet ports on them.

Silver Contributor III Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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@earlbenz wrote:

And the new laptops don't have wired ethernet ports on them.

If your laptop has a thunderbolt or USB (preferably 3.0) port, they make thunderbolt and USB 3.0 to gigabit Ethernet adapters. You probably would find it useful to have at least every so often. The USB ones are pretty cheap, too.


The speed isn't bad, but I never tested mine to see if I get the max speeds out of it.  I use a USB 3.0 to gigabit Ethernet one with an ultrabook whenever there's a really big download I need to grab. Keeps from hogging up the wireless network, and it's definitely faster than wireless N.

[Be nice! We are mostly fellow Verizon customers.
My setup: 75/75 Mbps; Linux router (2x 1Gbps ports) + iptables; Linksys WRT1900ACS in Bridge Mode]
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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i am right next to my router, and i have never gotten the speeds i am supposed to , esp. downloads.  Weeknights are the worst.. must be interference with other neighbors wifi.  i dont mind a little bit less speed, but when the wifi really drags, i cannot stand that.

Contributor PeterGats
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i just got the 750/750 tier here in inner Boston 2 days ago. The techs were great and did everything right. Right AFTER they instaleld this on 2-15-17 (2 days ago) my upload speed tests with their own Verizon speed tests and DSL reports much more comprehensive tests revealed a very acceptable uplaod rate at 940-1000Mbps on the upload side. It has been well documented over the at the Verizon DSL forums on DSL reports site forums that the 750/750 speedtier is actually a Gig Ethernet rated tier and provisioned at 1024/1024 and most subscribers at this tier see in the upper 800's to mid 900's on the download side, and thus this is exactly where my problem lies. On the download side i consistently get in the low 600's Mbps according to again the DSL reports site and only 1 of the Verizon speed test sites (as well as a host of other speed test sites) AND my latency is in the 15ms range whereas with previous Com Cast provider the latency with the blast tier was in the 6-8ms range. Well i opened a ticket yesterday, one day after install AND the techs did get dispatched along with a supervisor bcs it want only my own installation affected, my neighbor's excat same 750/750 insatll was seeing the same exact results as i was. They were good and did spend some time here, BUT they wouldn't escalate it to resolve it to my satisfaction , they called into their network Operations which had me test it at another of their special speedtest sites and this solitary speed test which mysteriously showed both up load and download in the low - mid 900's Mbps range was the basis, even tho their own other speed test site along with DSL reports (being most comprehensive) and a host of others refuted this solitary finding. So this rant is a warning that signing up for top speed tier available presently being the 750/750 tier presently isnt what you will neccesaruily recieve even at its premium pricing. Any others in teh Boston area in this speed tier noticing similar results?

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Verizon can only guarantee service speeds as access to their network.

They have their own speedtest server that stays within their network (speedtest.verizon.net).

Once it hits a gateway and across other networks, all bets are off as they don't have complete control over performance.

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Copper Contributor heywardjr
Copper Contributor
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You should try rebooting the ONT when speeds decrease or seem flaky. You disconnect the battery and the AC power from the ONT, wait a minute, then pug her back in. See if things improve. Sometimes that helps.

Copper Contributor heywardjr
Copper Contributor
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Or better yet....buy a house that has 3 acres to 25 acres between houses! That is what I did and I don't have to worry about neighbors using my channels! 🙂


Copper Contributor heywardjr
Copper Contributor
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The Apple Network Optimizer is no longer valid with Apple devices or the OS. Later OS releases made the utility useless and obsolete since improvements in TCP stack have basically done what that utility was doing.

Contributor vaporland
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just saw your post. hope you're having better luck now.


test your speed by connecting your PC directly to the ethernet port on your FiOS ONT. you will probably need to power-cycle your ONT afterwards to refresh the MAC address and gain a public IP. You have to disconnect the UPS battery to completely reset and power-cycle your ONT.


I was experimenting with different routers connected to the ONT ethernet port, and saw widely varying up/down speeds ranging from 350 up/down to 900+ up/down


the FiOS tech who upgraded us from 75mbit to gigabit warned me that the quality of the connection from the router to devices is a big factor in sustaining gbit internet speeds. 


for now the fastest consistent speeds I am seeing are using the verizon supplied router but i am going to switch it out for a commercial grade gbit internet router in the near future and re-run new cat 5e or 6 directly from that router to our wired devices.

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