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How to Get the Fastest FiOS Speed

How to Get the Fastest FiOS Speed

Contributor ftpolkmp
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Bought a Linksys AC-1200. Turned Verzion Fios wireless off on Verizon router. Using the Verzion for wired only. Fios plan 50/25. From my laptop running wirelessly speed tests 56 up 31 down.

Contributor matt198992
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The easiest way and ONLY way to get faster internet speeds is to change ISPs away from Verizon.

Copper Contributor SpeedThree
Copper Contributor
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You noted, 

However, if you check out that link you will see that it's dated 2005, 8 years ago, and that at the bottom you will also see the notation, "Note: Broadband Tuner 1.0 is not recommended for AirPort connections"


Uh, excuse me Apple, I must misunderstand something here:  Every Apple Computer with _wireless_ uses an AirPort connection/card.  Is Apple saying here that Broadband Tuner is ony useful for _wired_ connectiona and not wireless???





Contributor Softwizard
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I would ignore the Broadband Tuner, due to 1) it's age and 2) the fact it never progressed beyond version 1.0.  The parameters that it adjusted on the network adapters have likely changed values since 2005.  We can safely assume that all Apple developers have high-speed broadband connections and would likely make the default values now match today's higher speeds.


I have used many Apple Mac products at my home since 2007 and have never used this application, let alone heard of it.  I have had no problems getting the full bandwidth out of my Verizon FiOS service... even as I have taken advantage of it's ever-increasing speeds.  I current am on the 50/25 plan, but I started with a 10/2 plan.

Contributor fastwireless
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I had the older 802.11g version (Revision D) of the MI424-WR Router. My wireless speed was around 10MPS download 15MPS upload  (+/- 5MPS) although I have quantum 50/25 service. The wired speed was actually better than 50/25. I tried the following to improve the wireless speed:

1. On the Router: reset to default settings

2. On the Router and laptop: change security to WPA2 from WEP

3. On the laptop: update the wireless driver

4. On the laptop: try different channels 1-11

5. On the laptop: Try variations of NIC configuration parameters (in addition to the channel changes)

6. Turn off cordless phone to eliminate possible interference (but found my phone doesn't actually use either 2.4 or 5GHZ, so is not an interference source)


My conclusion was that it is difficult to tell how much difference any of the above made, due to random speed changes that occur during the day. In any case, the highest wireless speed I saw was 15MPS download/19MPS upload, and in the end I had about 10/15MPS.


I then started looking into replacing the 802.11g Verizon router. I've seen some posts that seem to imply that the newer 802.11n  Revision I Verizon FIOS router isn't really a solution to this type of problem, except that obviously upgrading to a 802.11n router from 802.11g would be some improvement. I've seen other posts suggesting adding a  second 802.11n router (e.g. ASUS RT56U) could be connected to a LAN port on the Verizon router. In this configuration, the radio is turned off on the Verizon router, DHCP is handled by the Verizon router, the second router is given a static IP address, and the second router is able to provide 802.11n wireless service (which in my case would be  limited to 100MPS since that is the LAN port limit of the Verizon router). I expect that would work, but didn't try it.


What I ended up doing is replacing the router with the newer Verizon FIOS MI424WR Revision I 802.11 router. My wireless speed is now at or close to my 58MPS/49MPS wired internet speed. Note: I also have an enhanced antenna which attaches by cable to one of the two antenna ports on the new router. However, I was using the same antenna on the older router; that improves the range but has nothing to do with the speed improvement.

Contributor grahamdesign
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You realize the Mac link is from 2005 and is not aproriate for any of Apples new perating systems.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Adding a 2nd router behind the Actiontec works like a charm. 

Copper Contributor SpeedThree
Copper Contributor
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That has NOT been the case for me.  I purchased the Actiontec n router from Verizon and my speeds are now blazing fast, from top to bottom, in a three-story townhouse.  I am getting over 50Mbps in the iMac wired to the modem and 30Mbps over WiFi at the laptop in the basement, three floors away.  

Gold Contributor II Gold Contributor II
Gold Contributor II
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@SpeedThree wrote:

That has NOT been the case for me.  I purchased the Actiontec n router from Verizon and my speeds are now blazing fast, from top to bottom, in a three-story townhouse.  I am getting over 50Mbps in the iMac wired to the modem and 30Mbps over WiFi at the laptop in the basement, three floors away.  

You'd have paid less and probably got better results by shopping around for a good quality dual band wireless-n router and adding it as second router behind your existing Verizon router.


See Adding a 2nd router 

Contributor sportz
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I got 50mbps service because I have multiple devices i.e laptop, phones etc thinking that it would significantly improve my internet speed, however my speeds have gone worst than what  I used to with 15/5 mbps. I just performed a speed test and my download speed is 4.30mbps and my upload speed is 0.57mbps! I have used in home agent and optimizer tool to no avail. This is just unacceptable. I have contacted verizon via chat multiple times, but they keep telling me to restart the router. The speed will improve a just a bit but still insted of 4.30mbps, I will get about 8mbps download speed. Also after I restart my router, I have to talk to new chat agent  because that conversation becomes no longer active and I have to repeat my story all over again. They never ever say that we will replace the router for you or come check it. I don't know if they are doing this on purpose to get us to buy this new 3X optimizing router, but these speeds are really unacceptable and I hope somebody does something to fix it. It would be great to have email contact as calling via phone takes forever and I can't wait forever.



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