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100 mbps--not

Contributor redgate
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I am supposed to have ultrafast fios 100/100mbps but when I tested it on the site I had a download speed of 32 mbps and upload speed of 41 mbps.  I am using it through wifi which I understand will make it slower, but I have difficulty sending emails (like last night--15 tries) and this morning (5 tries before sending) which is ridiculous.  I feel like I'm in a third world country.  Is anyone else experiencing this kind of lousy service.  I've been a Verizon Fios customer for many years so this is a relatively recent problem.

Contributor Seegs108
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I had a similar issue and it turns out my router all of a sudden had an issue and wasn't able to provide the throughput needed to max out my 100/100 connection. I bought a new router and the issue was completely resolved. This was with a wired ethernet connection. Unless you have a half way decent wireless router (think $100+ router) you shouldn't expect to see full 100/100 speeds over wireless. 

Contributor redgate
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OK thanks--it is the complete inability to even send an email (text only!) from time to time at certain times of the day which really gets me.  I sometimes have to try several times...

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Platinum Contributor III
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When you run speed test, you must test to Verizon server.

Speeds are only guarantees of access to Verizon network.

Using  a wired connection, go to speed test.Verizon.net

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