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195kbps download speeds - What gives?

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195kbps download speeds - What gives?

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I have Verizon FiOS Internet and TV. I have the Westell 9100. I use a Macbook Pro. I connect to my modem wirelessly.


I am experiencing TERRIBLY slow speeds. I used the and got results of 195 kbps download speeds but 4500 kbps upload speeds.


What could be causing this?  

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Re: 195kbps download speeds - What gives?

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where are you at in comparison to your wireless router?


If you are in the same room, then there is definately something funny going on.


but if you are in the back yard underground bunker then its because you are underground.


all jokes aside, stuff like lead paint will not only stop superman from watching you while you sleep, but it will stop or slow a wifi signal from excaping.


so try your superior computing device in the same room as the router if you arent already

... and by the way, i like turtles
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Re: 195kbps download speeds - What gives?

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also, try running the MAC 'broadbandtuner' located at appledotcom if you search for 'verizon fios' under 'support'
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Re: 195kbps download speeds - What gives?

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What kind of speed are you expecting to see? That's 19.5 Mb/s...



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Re: 195kbps download speeds - What gives?

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19.5 would read 19500......Has the Optimizer been ran on the macbook. what are your speeds hardwired?

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Re: 195kbps download speeds - What gives?

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You can also try to change the channel you're on for the wireless. It is under wireless, basic wireless settings. I've had problems w/ fios on wireless but i found channel 6 to work best for me. If 6 doesnt work, try 1 or 11. Hope this helps
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