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2 Year Contract Price NOT Honored

2 Year Contract Price NOT Honored

Contributor jcollins
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When I received my bill this month, my contracted, bundled rate has increased by $25 although my services have not changed.  When I renewed my CONTRACT in December, I agreed to a rate for two years.  Now 8 months later, I'm being told my credit expired from a previous year and that's why my bill increased?  The entire point of a contract is to get a fixed rate.  What is the point if the price is going to change?  The agent I contacted told me that it must not have been explained to me correctly when I renewed.  It wasn't explained at all!


I contracted with Verizon for a bundled rate for two years.  I'm not getting that rate.  How do I fix this?

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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You are in a gotcha of your own making.

Go back and read the email from verizon fios again.

The discounts applied are first from year 1, then another in year 2.


In example on my initial sign up (I went no contract but still had verizon give me standard discounts) this was in the email acknowledgement from fios.

I get a $10 discont that expires in one year from service date, then on year two on that same service date I lose a $25 discount which comprised the $35 in discounts over the two years.


Nw when I upped to gigabyte speed there is a $60 for life discount. No expiry.

But discount amounts are clearly noted on the fios invoices as well.


Contributor jcollins
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Just spoke with a Verizon rep.  She applied a discount to decrease the bill by the $25 and another to replace the $5 discount that will expire in November.  She sent everything to me in an email so I could review it while we were on the phone, I could see clearly what was being changed and could approve it; and the length of the contract doesn't extend.  Perfect!


This issue has been resolved.

Copper Contributor steve-1
Copper Contributor
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I've been with Verizon thru a few 2 year contracts, never paid attention to why my bill seems to increase every month. I calling one time in the beginning and it's frustrating with the stuff until a live voice gets on, then if you're lucky enough to understand them they have a good reason for it, I'm used to being lied to by Verizon. If I want cable keep my mouth shut and avoid speaking to them and the joke of a justification.

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I was told that I have a 2 yr. price agreement (thru 1/5/20).

Why is this not being honored?

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