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2 beeps every 30min or so

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2 beeps every 30min or so

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What is this beeping?!?! It's coming from the rectangle verizon box in the basement. Why is it beeping and how do I stop it!? It's been doing this for alomst 6months now.
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Re: 2 beeps every 30min or so

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Hi engfant,


Sounds like you are hearing your battery back up unit. If that is the case, you will want to check the lights on it as it only beeps for 2 possible reasons. However since you say it has been beeping for 6 months, I will rule out it beeping because it is running on battery power.


Chances are the Replace Battery light is on, which means either your battery is dying and needs to be replaced, or the connection is just loose. I would suggest taking the cover off, removing the battery, and placing to battery back in to see if the light goes out on the unit.


If the light doesn't go out after doing that, and you have had the service for over a year, you can call 877-503-3537 for a replacement battery.

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