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[61] NAT Error: Not enough free memory to add a new connection:

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[61] NAT Error: Not enough free memory to add a new connection:

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Seems like AcionTech isn't the only ones with NAT problems. This is the new Westell 9100 and I am getting this. Odd thing is I look at my connections the most I have ever seen is 500-600. I still end up getting this error and the router would freeze up. Wireless signal will die out for my laptop and I the ethernet as well. The whole router reboots in about 30 seconds and everything is fine again until yet again it goes out again within an hour and the process repeats itself over and over again. Does anyone know why my router says not enough free memory when it says my max connections approx at 159545. Defective router?
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Re: [61] NAT Error: Not enough free memory to add a new connection:

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Yes, possible defective.   -How old is it?   Had any power issues to the house lately?  any power surges?   could also be the ONT outside your house or in your basement or where ever they put it.


Also, have you changed any of the default settings in the router ?


Try resetting the router with all devices connected to it turned off (including all TV's if you use that service from Verizon).  wait to turn anything back on until after the router shows a green light on the internet light.      


If you are using the TV service, how many do you have connetced?  How many computers, including wireless?  Can your neighbors access your wireless ?   Are you connecting phones to your wirelesss?   How many computers and or other devices are connecting?




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Re: [61] NAT Error: Not enough free memory to add a new connection:

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The Verizon Firmware have infamously small NAT tables by design (not sure why), and so they get flooded easily and kinda react how you are describing.   you may have to bridge the router, and add your own to take over NAT functionality. 


DSL reports has a nice FAQ that gives the different options and the trade off's between configurations.   my initial guess would be that.  



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