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AMC TV and HULU not authenticating Verizon FIOS account

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Re: AMC TV and HULU not authenticating Verizon FIOS account

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This link redirects you to a logon.  After logging on you still get the spinning arrows that just runs perpetually.  We never get authenticated.

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Re: AMC TV and HULU not authenticating Verizon FIOS account

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I don't know about you but the same thing also happens if I go to USA Network directly or try to watch USA Network content via Hulu.  Nothing but a spinning arrow while I wait to authenticate with FIOS.  I've deleted cookies and cache multiple times and yet got the same result.  I thought is was maybe it was a Flash thing now that all browsers are blocking Flash now.  But when I select Allow... nothing changes.


However, on my Nexus 7 tablet it works just fine.  I ended up watch this season's episode 1 of Graceland that way.  There is something about the tablet based app that works differently from a browser on a computer that allows it to work.  I haven't figured out what that is yet though.


I doubt it would be worth calling anyone because neither party is going to acknowledge their is something wrong with their system that prevents it from working.  They'll just point fingers ar each other.  

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Bronze Contributor II
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How I resolved a similar problem

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In my case I was unable to access any online TV service - after clicking on Verizon as my provider (I am a FIOS subscriber) I would get taken to the Verizon Purchase page where I was supposed to purchase a TV package.  Of course I already had one.


It took me about 3 months to get this problem resolved. Ultimately I had to post a message saying I was not going to pay my bill until it was fixed. (I really was serious about that too.) After that I was able to connect to a tech who, after a couple of days, got in touch with the only group in Verizon that is capable of fixing problems like that.


That group is the network support group; they manage the web software that we all see every day at the various Verizon websites. They also manage the user account database that contains all the user info for everyone who logs on to a Verizon site. Normaly this group does not interact with Verizon end users.


Once they got involved my prolem was fixed in 2 days.  The first time they tried, it did not work, but the second time I was able to access any TV service covered by my current plan. I knew there was some problem with my Verizon account data, but of coruse I had no way to do anything about it. The network techs were able to find out what was wrong and fix it. No one ever told me what the real problem was.


One thing that does NOT fix this problem is resetting your Verizon account log-on password. The normal Verizon tech people can trigger this reset, but when you enter your new password the problem will still be there. The normal techs will say "But that resets all your account data." This is incorrect; the standard techs never see the actual account data, have no idea what's really in there, and have no way to interact with it.

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Re: AMC TV and HULU not authenticating Verizon FIOS account

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I am constantly asked to sign into my account even though I am already signed in. All the AMC sites, BBC ,Sundance etc work on randon for some unknown reason. Other sites can also give occasional problems. I have grown acustom of this and calling only gives you the run around.

On top of this I recently renewed my contract after repeatingly telling the agent that I would not pay the price quoted and finally got to where I was satisfied. Well the bill is now $20 more that quoted.

Verizon take you equipement and go away, you lie and don't provide the services you advertise!

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