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ATTN Management:Verizon has serious customer service issues

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ATTN Management:Verizon has serious customer service issues

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   Recently I have had my second bad experience with getting a technician to fix problems at my house.

   The first bad experience was getting Verizon to repair the sod at my neighbors house after my install resulted in the technician causing damage to the lawn while running my fiber directly across my neighbor’s yard (out of the utility easement, in other words damaged a non customers property in an area a utility company has no legal right or authority to touch one blade of grass).  Verizon unpromptly responded after numerous phone calls and 4 months later my neighbor had her lawn patched.


My second bad experience in short form...

  I call for a video issue.  After 2 days of calls someone finally realizes that a tech should get involved.  The problem was initially reported on Saturday.  Now on Sunday I must wait until Wednesday for a tech. 3 days for a repair tech to fix my line.

  Wednesday:Tech replaces ONT and leaves business cardwith me with the any problem give me a call offer.

  Thursday: Still having problems, call tech directly. Tech:Call back Saturday @ 7:30AM and I'll create a ticket.

 Saturday 7:30AM: Tech :No problem I'll be out sometime afternoon

  Sunday all day multiple hours on the phone:  Where is my tech and why am I being blown off? Spoke to everyone even an escalations supervisor.  People are really trying to pull strings to fix this-Thank you but when am I going to see a tech.  I guess I have to make a decision.  I have been dealing with this way too long so Verizon WILL have a tech here by the close of business Monday.  Verizon finally says I will have a tech Monday MORNING.  Thank you and goodnight.

  Monday afternoon: WHERE IS MY TECH???   Called everyone and their mother (and by mother I mean your customer resolutions department).  Customer resolutions department: I will email the manager and he has 24-48 hours to respond.  ME: Wait hold on HE was supposed to have me a tech 2 DAYS ago.  Customers relations: If I don't hear from him in about the next hour it won’t be until tomorrow (guess my problem goes away when you log off to go home) I ask that he kindly give me a status before he left (so I could continue to handle it when he left)  and he Agreed.  Well I got that call 3 days later.  The call from the department that is your consumers last ditch effort to get you to make something wrong right because you managed to convince the government to not regulate any services that touch your FiOS network.  And yes I did get a tech at Monday 5:30PM.  It was the effort of two people in escalations in two different offices on two different days that never spoke to each other.  To them my sincerest thanks.  Both of you deserve a job where you are training new hires the right way and to also have management listen to you on how to empower your colleagues to make things right since that is what I believe to be your job description.

To Verizon senior management:

I pay you more than I pay any other utility.  I pay you almost as much as I pay for gas.  The whole point of this is to ask you why is it acceptable to the senior management and shareholders of this company to treat any customer of any tier, not just my ultimate tier, who pay for your flagship product in any manner that comes close to the way I have been treated.  If you bother to look for any search terms that relate to your customer service, it is easy to see that it’s not just me.  I am still a customer; I still want YOUR service.  I want it to be right for all.  I have tried the normal channels, they have failed.  Yes I did get my tech, but i promise you that I spent at least 10 hours on this issue actively on the phone (speaking to someone-not dealing with your computer that thinks its smarter than a human). Prove to me that you’re willing to fix what is wrong.


EDIT>Very mildly edited for clarity and some misspellings

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Re: ATTN Management:Verizon has serious customer service issues

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Looks like you put a lot of thought and effort into that post, but this is a peer-to-peer forum. No offical presence with Verizon. While there are some employees that visit and try to help when they can, this is really the wrong location for that. I'd use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and likely use the email option. That will likely get more of a response than you will get here.


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Re: ATTN Management:Verizon has serious customer service issues

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I will send that email, it is just my fear that it will wind up as fruitless as all the phone calls.  Thanks for your help.

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