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ATTN Pharmesque: Comments on Ethernet and Coax WAN (Closed Thread)

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ATTN Pharmesque: Comments on Ethernet and Coax WAN (Closed Thread)

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Your earlier thread was closed because it was sent to private support, but I wanted to add a few comments to the mix to give you a few ideas in addition to whatever you learn from VZ Customer Support.  Earlier you wrote:




   Pharmesque wrote:


    ... we had our FIOS internet router transferred to the new location and the technician hooked it up to the COAX outlet in the ONT box outside our house ... we are also trying to hook up Comcast XFINITY which also needs to use the COAX outlet ... the only way we could have the FIOS internet and Comcast XFINITY coexist was to change the FIOS internet connection from COAX to cat5 ethernet ... Any advice or help would be appreciated ...




I have a few ideas that do not answer your specific request, yet may provide an alternate course of action to get the job done.


First, abandon the idea of having Verizon do the Ethernet wiring.  Thy are not really in that business, but instead they are a telephone and ISP company.  Let them do what you already know they do well.


Second, get yourself a local electrical contractor who does a lot of work with home networks, interior and exterior low voltage applications, etc.  This should not be too difficult these days, because many homeowners are going in this direction.  Yes, you can do this work yourself, but it appears that you will be happier having it done professionally.


Third, have your electrical contractor do whatever work you desire to set up a wired Ethernet network for your computers and required devices.  You may also want him/her to make changes in the existing coax network.  I suspect there are always changes that will get you closer to your own ideal system.


Fourth, once the electrical work is finished, call Verizon to request that they change your Wide Area Network (i.e., Internet or WAN) from "coax WAN" to "Ethernet WAN."  This does NOT require a truck roll and does not require a technician visit.  It can be done over the telephone (you should realize that it make take some doing to convince all parties concerned).  However it certainly is routine once you connect with a VZ person familiar with the operation.


Fifth, now plug in your new Ethernet to the Ethernet RJ45 on the ONT, test things out, and you should be good to go on that end.


Sixth, call Comcast (if you haven't already) and make arrangements for whatever services you want them to supply.  Then after they install their gear, have them simply plug into the revamped coax network  in your home.  At this point you should be good to go on the TV/phone end.


Here are a few additional references on this sort of thing.  They may provide you with a fuller perspective on what's involved.  Good luck.

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