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Access: Local only ???

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Re: Access: Local only ???

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CharlesH wrote:
Vista issue.  Period.

That really help no one.  Thats not a just a vista issue, it can be other things, thats just a vista error. 
As for the issue. Are you able to get a internal IP address like, or do you get one that is Are you able to see and interact with other PCs on your network?


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Re: Access: Local only ???

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Have a look at the Microsoft repair article KB947041 ( ), this is apparently a well known issue for which Microsoft says "Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products...". It apparently happens when more than one network adapter is present on a Vista based PC.

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Re: Access: Local only ???

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I have the same issue, but the Microsoft KB does not seem to apply as I only have one network adaptor( on board Intel Pro100). I think it may be a problem with the way the Westell router handles UPnP, my router fails the Microsoft Internet Connectivity Tool's UPnP test, the test details report "failed to get port mapping from the IGD" I am running Vista Business, and never had a problem with the Linksys WRTG54 router on DSL, I just had FIOS installed 2 weeks ago and the problem surfaced.
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Re: Access: Local only ???

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Regarding my previous post, I found that NetBios was set to enable, rather than default in the adaptors properties/advanced/Wins settings. When I had FIOS installed I was using static IP's, and had to set my computers to obtain IP's automatically, and set the Westell router to asign static IP's. The Linksys works the other way, by setting the router to DHCP and the computers to static IP, and the system automatically sets NetBios to enable when you asign static IP. The router still fails the UPnP test, so it is not fully compatable with Vista. 

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