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ActionTec MI424-WR Rev D Wireless Router & Linksys Switch + Linksys Wireless Access Point

ActionTec MI424-WR Rev D Wireless Router & Linksys Switch + Linksys Wireless Access Point

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Currently have FIOS Internet with ActionTec MI424-WR Wireless Router.  The wireless signal is pretty weak  on the lower level of my house and almost non-existent on my deck.  Most of my house is wired with CAT-5.  I have a Linksys 16 port switch along with a Linksys Wireless G Access point that I plan on attaching to the ActionTec Router.  The router and switch are upstairs and the Wireless Access Point is downstairs.  My plan is to connect the switch to one of the ports on the actiontec router, turn off Wireless, and use the switch and wireless access point for my wired and wireless network.  Has anyone tried this with FIOS?  A coworker uses the same switch  and wireless access point attached to his DSL modem and everything works fine.  FIOS is not in his area yet.  

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Gold Contributor VII
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The wireless access point will work just hook it up to an available LAN port on the Actiontec router.

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I have the setup that you are describing.


I have my Verizon Actiontec as the Primary Router, providing DHCP and Firewall.  I have the wireless turned off.


I have a Linksys Wireless G Router connected to the Verizon Actiontec (Lan Port to Lan Port).  The DHCP and Routing functions of the Linksys are turned off and it provides wireless connectivity for all of my devices.


My Actiontech has a x.x.x.1 address and my Linksys a x.x.x.10 Address.


There is a FAQ with lots of information on the various ways to configure routers with FIOS taht can be found here:




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