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Actiontec MI424WR (GigE) Router

Actiontec MI424WR (GigE) Router

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I want to upgrade to this as my MI424WR 10/100 is too slow to support my NAS device. Does anyone know how to get one thru Verizon? I called Actiontec directly and they told me only Verizon can sell them. No luck going thru the normal channels @  Verizon so far.

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Currently you can only get one if you subcribe to the 150/35 (or higher) tiers.  They have been hinting that might change some time in the future.

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tns is correct.  The Actiontec rev. G  (gig-E) router is only available to 150/35 customer.

The best solution is to buy a gig-E switch and connect all your devices to it.

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Thx, but that makes zero sense. They have the product but are not willing to provide it to customers? I'm not happy about that and will tell them so.

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gigabit wrote:

Thx, but that makes zero sense.

As has been discussed in several other threads, the rationale is that VZ provides you with a router that is adequate to support your provisioned WAN speeds (25/25, 35/35, etc).  They are under no obligation to provide you with a more expensive router because of what you have connected to your LAN.  The rev. G has gig-E ports because that is required to support the 150 Mbps WAN speed.


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Understood. I don't expect VZ to provide me w/ an "upgrade" for free. i would be more than happy to buy the router from them. What I'm reacting to is the fact that they refuse to make it available to their "low speed" customers. BTW, I have already daisy-chained a switch to handle my NAS, but it's a clutter-fest. 

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For anyone who's interested, I did the run-around with VZ. They have the router, but are unwilling to release it absent a speed upgrade, as my elders and betters had indicated would be the case. I find this all very frustrating and the opposite of customer friendly. Kinda reminds me of Time Warner...Smiley Mad

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If you need Gb ethernet buy a new switch and uplink to the supplied router. or if you want wireless-N too buy a new router that supports both and configure it for bridge mode then plug the wan port into one of the switch ports on the supplied router. Usually routers were not supplied, but it must simplify support to have only a few devices to deal with.
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Thx for the thought. I have already daisy-chained a gigabit router to the supplied MI424WR 100/10 router and turned off DHCP, so it's effectively a switch. I have my NAS device plugged into the switch, so I have achieved the objective, but I thought VZ might be reasonable and let me buy their router and eliminate my clutter. I was wrong.

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As a final act in my commitment to follow this trail to the end, I called the NYC VZ Landline store. They have the referenced router, but will not sell or exchange it.

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