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Actiontec VPN set up

Contributor moloco-2
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Hi all!


When we had FIOS installed about a year ago, the techs set up my system for VPN by connecting the A/T to my Netgear and everything was working perfectly until the A/T died last week and was just replaced by Verizon.  I tried VZ tech support, but I was more knowledgeable than the tech support lady, so no go.  I would appreciate it if someone could walk me through configuring the Actiontec MI424WR for VPN or explain to me how to release the IP.  Previously set up was A/T and N/G  Now the default on A/T is, so I can't access N/G router.  I set up a static IP and configured the A/T for port forwarding; however, it is not working reliably.  I can only connect to my office at random, and I really need a more reliable connection.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Contributor bernielyons
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Call Verizon tech support back and ask to be transferred to a 2nd tier technician.  If they won't do it demand to speak to a supervisor.  The 2nd tier techs really know what they are doing.  They are as sharp as Microsoft US tech support.

Good luck.


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Gold Contributor VII
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I use Nortel VPN software and I can get on through the Actiontec with no problem at all. What VPN software are you using and why do you have a Netgear router after the Actiontec?
Contributor moloco-2
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I am using Windows XP remote desktop to access my company's network.  Right now, I do not have the Netgear connected at all, only the Actiontec.  Still cannot connect to my office.  I have had it with Verizon's tech support--it's useless.  If Comcast wasn't so **bleep** expensive, I'd drop FIOS like a hot potato because of this.
Contributor gallde
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The Actiontec using the latest firmware does not allow a static IP. It reverts to dynamic. This is a BIG issue, and Verizon and actiontec are sitting on their hands about fixing it. Complain to them. BTW, reverting to the earlier firmware will fix it, but then verizon pushes the new build to the router and you're back to the broken static IP problem.
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