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Actiontech Wireless Network Extender MoCA/Gigabit Ethernet Model #WCB3000N available in New York?

Actiontech Wireless Network Extender MoCA/Gigabit Ethernet Model #WCB3000N available in New York?


Has anyone tried to obtain an Actiontech Wireless Network Extender with MoCA and Gigabit Ethernet Model #: WCB3000N for the new yok city metro area.  The tech on the phone was clueless

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I've never heard of Verizon selling any networking equipment other than the router, a switch, a USB WiFi, and a few cables.  You can see their offerings here:


It's typically better to buy this stuff from other online retailers.


Good Luck.


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Not clear from your post if you mean from VZ or from a retailer.


J&R lists the WCB3000N for sale and have a store in NYC.


I've not heard of VZ selling this item, although I have heard of it begin given to some customers by on-site techs.




thank you all for the responses. i was actuually trying to find out if it could be bought from verizon. i was concerned that if purchsed from actiontech beciuase there is no return policy. Actiontech says its plug and play with the preexisting fios action tech router-modem but i am worried that it would need some complicated configuration or set up

on a related note this item is usually sold as a kit with an adapter. but actiontech sells just the wireless unit. anyone know if it can be used with the fios router so i only have to buy the one piece instead of themkit.
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"Actiontech says its plug and play"

Yes.  It's plug and play.  There is no complicated setup.


"actiontech sells just the wireless unit. anyone know if it can be used with the fios router so i only have to buy the one piece instead of the kit."

You need only the wireless unit.  The FIOS router serves as the MOCA LAN bridge on the other end.



I live in NY and I have a two story house with a basement, so three floors in all.  The house had limited wireless range with my Verizon Actiontec MI424WR router.  I was on the router set up web page trying to tweek it.  I saw a link for the Actiontec website.  On the Actiontec website you can buy the WCB3000N for $99. You have to buy it there because it has preinstalled Verizon software. Plus its cheaper there. On the website on the left side cick on Verizon and the item will appear.  I installed it yesterday.  It is great.  I now have full wireless range throughout my home and at blazing speeds.  In the past the fastest I got was 23 or so.  I am up to around 40 now! It is two channel 2.4 gig and 5 gig! It is plug and play.  However you have to connect it to a Coax connection or an ethernet connection.  It comes with a splitter so you can put it by a tv.  Best to locate it furthest from the existing router fro max coverage.  The only tip I can give is that the included Verizon instrctions leave you to believe that devices will automatically connect using the existing SSID and passcode from your current router.  Not true.  But simply search for the new bridge on your wireless device and enter the passcode on the sticker located on the device.  Simple!  Great for streaming video and now all the kids smartphones use Wi-Fi in all parts of the house which will drop the data usage cost. Verizon should offer this on there site.  It is a new technology so it will soon catch on.  Well worth the money!!!!!!!

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No.  YOu can buy it anywhere you want.  It doesn't run any Verizon software.

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FYI as stated in the documentation . You can use the same SSID and password that you use to connect to your router to connect to the new Actiontec range extender. It broadcasts 2 signals one for 2.4G(B+G+N) and another for 5G (A+N). When you connect to the 5G its has a new SSID and password by default. If you want you can turn off the multiple SSID configuration or customize it however you want. Very simple to install plugs right into coax just like a settop box does no cat5e wiring needed.

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Haven't used it yet but I'll let you know how it works when I do. Not surprised tech support didn't know about considering I had been walking right past them on the shelf for who knows how long.


Actually, Verizon does offer the extender for sale. Here is the URL:

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