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Add second router to G1100 Quantum to increase wi-fi range

Add second router to G1100 Quantum to increase wi-fi range

Contributor proon15
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I recently had FiOS installed, and the new G1100 router is fast and reliable.  However, I've been trying to add a second router (Linksys E1200) via Cat 5 LAN to LAN to increase my wi-fi range upstairs.  All of the usual internet searches lead me back to how to configure the E1200 in Bridge Mode, however, upon resetting it, I cannot connect it to the G1100. 


Ideally, I'd like to have the E1200 on the same SSID and passphrase, so all of my devices transition seamlessly.  Any advice is appreciated.

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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Did you change the IP address of the Linksys to something other than 192.1.1?


Are you connecting the Ethernet cable to the E1200's WAN port or a LAN port?  The WAN port should work but if it isn't, I'd try a LAN port.


Two thoughts:


This is not a universally held opinion but I prefer to have my addtional WAP's set to a different channel with a different SSID than my main router.  That let's me easily tell which WAP I'm connected to, and if I'd have a better signal with another device, I can easily select the other SSID.


I've tried having multiple WAP's on the same SSID and found separate SSIDs work better for me.


Also, if you have coax running to a TV upstairs and you can't get the E1200 to work, you might consider trying an Actiontec ECB3000N network extender.  Pretty much plug-and-play.  Very simple to setup.


You can see the ECB3000N here:




Third item from the top.



Contributor proon15
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I changed the IP address, Default gateway and Subnet mask didn't change, and I disabled DCHP on the Linksys. I hooked it up to the LAN first, and then the WAN.  My devices recognized the second router, but I didn't have an internet connection.


When I called Verizon over the phone, I was told I was the first person that this service rep had heard of trying to cascade a router off the new G1100.  They didn't even have a case they could refer back to in order to help me.  Perhaps it's a hardware issue with the new G1100.  My Linksys is running the latest hardware.


I'm not opposed to buying a network extender, or MoCA or powerline adapter.  I had this setup working fine when I had {please keep your posts courteous} a few months ago, and since I already had a second, older router, I wasn't out of pocket anything additional.

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Gold Contributor IV
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Ok.  At the moment I'm at a loss why current your setup shouldn't work for you.  Unfortunately, there won't be a lot of users with experience using the G1100 yet but I hope someone else will chime in with an idea what will work for you.


Good luck.

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Bronze Contributor II
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What you are trying to do is a very common networking task; i.e. repurposing an old router as an AP.


1.  First just factory  reset your old router to clear out any settings.


2.  Connect a PC  to your old router using an Ethernet cable in any of the LAN ports.   After the reset its IP should be  Then go into the settings pages.


3.  Either set your old router to have a static WAN IP or set it to get a WAN IP automatically.


4.  Go into the LAN settings and turn off the DHCP server   and  assign your old router a static LAN IP in the same subnet as your G1100.


5.  Now run a cable from a LAN port on your G1100 to a LAN port on the old router leaving the Ethernet cable from your computer still connected.   You should now be able to connect to the Internet using the PC  connected to the old router.  If yes proceed to set up your WiFi on the old router.   If  not power cycle both routers and see what happens.



As for seamless  roaming  using the same SSID on both routers you will have to experiment.  It won't be seamless but it works better for some people than others.  You may find its better to have diffrent SSIDs so people can connect to the nearest router which is easier if one is named upstairs and the other downstairs.   WHAT EVER YOU DO THE WIFI RADIOS SHOULD BE ON DIFFRENT NON OVERLAPPING RADIO channels.  If they are on the same channel you will be creating your own interference.


If for some reason you still can't get it to work go to Small Network Builders site and read the very complete instructions there.

Contributor ucliker
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I just purchase 2 greenwave G1100 Quantum routers to bridge over Moca. I have another Actiontec Rev I That I might be giving away if someone needs it. I found that certain brands don't play well together. 

Contributor RaginMonkey93
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What you are going to need to do to get both routers working in sync with one another is to clone the mac address of the fios router that you have onto the second router that you want to use. What is happening is that Verizon is not giving a second IP to your second router. I currently have a Verizon 1100 router set up with a R8000 Nighthawk router behind it, allowing me to have super fast wifi through the Nighthawk and still get my cable set tops to work with Verizon. Basically, this gives the second router the look of the first Verizon router and allows for you to set it up any way that you wish from there. Hope this helps.

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