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Adding a firewall and using Static IP's

Adding a firewall and using Static IP's

Contributor Frank021474
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Anyone know the deal with the COAX vs Ethernet? My question is that if I enable the ONT Ethernet port vice the COAX port then how do the Set Top boxes get IP addresses and have Internet access?


Its annoying that it wasn't explained that the 4 Set Top boxes I have in my house are now going to have a requirement off my Wireless Router to be able to pull an IP address. I discovered this when I changed the IP range on my home Network and then at the same time the Cable boxes no longer had menu guides etc... I found that they had old IP's and had to be power cycled to renew their IP address to the new 192. range.


Has anyone yanked their actiontec router out and still provided Ethernet connectivity to the Set Top boxes? (Each box pulls an IP address on the inside Network) 


I have 5 IP addresses and a Cisco Firewall I want to get online but the Cable service and this ActionTec router have become a pain......



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Platinum Contributor III
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Set top boxes would still get IP addresses from the Verizon supplied router through the coax. The Ethernet WAN port on the router would connect to the ONT or your Cisco router LAN. Your coax would no longer act as the WAN port and the boxes would use the coax through the router to the internet over the Ethernet WAN port. I had another router connected to the ONT and used the WAN port on the Actiontec to get an IP from my router. Only thing my Actiontec is used for is wireless and the MOCA for the set to boxes. The STBs would still get their IPs from the Actiontec. But if you do this remember that anything on your Cisco is not going to see the otherside of the Actiontec WAN. Also the HM DVR will not operate remotely and your PC hardware will not see it, if it is not on the Actiontec LAN. I had mine like this for quite a while. Now I only use the Actiontec as a brigge and my router's DHCP gives the STB's an IP based on their MAC addresses the range.
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Contributor Frank021474
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So are you saying that you do or don't need to switch the ONT output from COAX to Ethernet? I get what you are saying about the COAX STB's. So they can be on their own LAN isolated as long as they have a path to the Internet.


When your reference WAN port are you saying connect the WAN port of the Actiontec box to the "inside" of my Firewall/Router? 

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