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Any Advantage to FiOS TV via coax and 100/100 internet via Ethernet?

Any Advantage to FiOS TV via coax and 100/100 internet via Ethernet?

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Folks -- I don't readily see that this scenario has been addressed before, so I'm posting a new message.  I currently have a FiOS bundle, including HD television, 100/100 internet and telephone (not digital voice).  I'm presently serving the HDTV and internet via a split coax from the new ONT to all three televisions and the Quantum router.


Is there any advantage to using the coax for the HDTV and an ethernet cable for internet?  Does Verizon even permit such a configuration? 


I need to buy and install about 50' of direct-burial ethernet cable, so I want to ask the question before I go through the installation hassle.



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The TV signal from the ONT is QAM so all the set-top boxes get coax for video. The reason the Quantum router gets coax is so the boxes get and IP address for things like Guide Data/Video On Demand.

Internet from the ONT to the Quantum router can be fed coax or ethernet. There is a 100 mpbs limit on coax. When the speeds are 150 mbps or higher it needs to be on ethernet. Verizon now wires ethernet to the router regardless of the speed. 

So I guess to answer your question I guess there isn’t really any advantage or disadvantage it is just the configuration that Verizon uses to provide the service. 

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