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Any suggestions on how to avoid horrible mistakes on my final bill?

Any suggestions on how to avoid horrible mistakes on my final bill?

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I've given up on getting Verizon to honor its Retainment representative's August offer to continue with my 15/5 Fios for 2 years under contract at the price I agreed to, $59.99 per month.  It took weeks and weeks to get the order number to go through (let's don't count the actual HOURS), and of course now that the 2 year contract is finally waiting for me to activate it, again and as usual it does not reflect what I agreed to back in August.  Now it's a 2 year contract where the price goes up to $69.99 on the second year!  I just give up.  I got a much better offer from RCN, so I'm switching.


In the meantime, however, MyVerizon shows a brand new account number for me (presumably because several months after porting my telephone number to a new carrier, Verizon FINALLY put the phone cancel order through), as well as conflicting info:


MyServices shows "VZ FiOS Consumer Annual Plan or Bundle Offer"


MyBill shows this (which seems to assume I've activated their bait & switch contract offer, which I have not accepted and have not "activated" on the website):

9/2510/2424 Mo. Internet Contract Discount thru Sep 19, 2015 ($5.00 off Internet)
9/2510/24Internet 12 Mo. Credit thru Sep 19, 2014 ($10.00 off Internet)
This seems to acknowledge in one place that there's no contract, but the bill itself, and the new account number, make me very afraid that they'll keep billing me after cancelling FIOS, as if I *were* under contract.
Anybody have suggestions on how to circumvent a final circle of Verizon hell by getting this final bill paid without 300 more hours spent with customer rep shenanigans?  My fear is that by paying the bill they'll claim I accepted the contract  offer (for the record: NO WAY). 
By the by, it's a shame the customer service at Verizon is the polar opposite of my experience with FIOS.  I wanted to keep FIOS, it's the most reliable internet connection I've ever had, but dealing with the company, and its horrible, horrible attitude towards customers just isn't worth it.  I can't bear to reward them any longer with my moola.  I got a very sweet deal from RCN, so I'm outtie...



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Hi DisgruntledD,


You had a private support case on this matter that was closed.  Would you like the case to be reopened and have this handled by the agent?

Copper Contributor DisgruntledD
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Thanks, Lawrence, but no.  I can't deal with the endless circles anymore.  


I just want to avoid more of the same once I stop being a paying Verizon customer -- thought there might be a way to see the problem coming this time and circumvent billing issues. Things that should be utterly straightforward become insanely undoable the way Verizon is set up.  I just want out!

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