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BBU beeps - battery was not installed - response inadequate

BBU beeps - battery was not installed - response inadequate

Contributor TomBreton
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I had Verizon Fios installed last thursday (29 Oct).  Seemed to work.  But after the installer left, I noticed that the BBU beeps every 15 minutes or so.  At first I thought it might sort itself out - like maybe the battery was still charging. After a few days, it was still going on.  So I checked Verizon web and had a closer look at the BBU.


After opening the faceplate - maybe I'm misunderstanding the big empty spot in the middle - it looks as if the battery was never installed.  I have a picture of the BBU; I emailed it to Verizon so they could see the situation.


I got no satisfaction from customer service email. They first directed me to resources that had nothing to do with my problem.  When I replied that this didn't help, they directed me to "Please visit  Verizon Help & Support", which was where I came from in the first place.  I replied again and got exactly the same response.  It produced a very poor impression. Even if it was an automated reply, (a) I was left in mid-thread with an inadequate response, (b) nowhere did it say it was an automated reply.


If Verizon wants to follow up on this, the email thread in question was "Re: General Support-Essentials & Extras Help Request Help Request vz1928579nm5"




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I apologize for the hardship and the mistake.


I cannot access that e-mail you referenced, but if you still need a battery I can arrange for one to be shipped or a tech to come install it for you.


Please PM me with your acct TN and I'll get this taken care of for you right away.

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Contributor TomBreton
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Thank you, Kevin.  The battery arrived today; it installed easily, the warning light immediately stopped showing and the beeping has stopped.


Tom Breton


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