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Battery Backup beeping and in the Red

Battery Backup beeping and in the Red

Contributor Seener
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I have had FIOS since 2007 and this is the second time my BBU has started beeping. I did the unplug, disconnect and wait ten minutes routine and once again the beeping has stopped.


However, every battery will die at some point so now I am going to order a replacement and keep it on hand.


I know that the beeping drives some people crazy but I actually wish that it beeped four times once every hour rather than one beep every 15 minutes. With only one beep it was hard for me to tell where it was coming from (my BBU is in my garage).


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Gold Contributor VII
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You could just disconnect it and leave it disconnected.  I believe that will stop it beeping.

Contributor 337user
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Disconnecting the battery for ten minutes worked like a charm.
Thanks, Witty!
Administrator Administrator
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We have launched a new Self Service Troubleshooter Flow this weekend:


Fix Battery Problems:



Please let me know if you have any questions!


- Greg

Contributor SoCalHal
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@ggoldman_VZ wrote:

We have launched a new Self Service Troubleshooter Flow this weekend:


Fix Battery Problems:



Please let me know if you have any questions!


- Greg

A reboot did not solve my false alarm. Disconnecting the battery negative lead for a minute and then reconnecting it did solve the problem. I suggest you include this step in your troubleshooter flow.

Contributor johnsmit
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This is a solution for more technical people.


I have been removing the speaker from these units for a few years now in my apartment buildings for complaining tenants.


If you unscrew and open up the battery compartment and remove the circuit board, You can use your ears to track where the beep is coming from.  You will find a small black speaker attached on the circuit board. its aprox 1x1cm. 



Use pliers to twist and pull it out. be careful not to touch or damage any of the surrounding parts.

I assure you there will be no more beeping after this Smiley Wink

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Hopefully you don't do any damage to unit.

And if Verizon has to come service unit, you could get billed for damaging their equipment.

Best solution is to just disconnect the battery.
The beeping will stop.

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Contributor HeidiMD
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The battery back up has NEVER given us 8 hours of phone service after an outage.  We use our cell phones in a power outage, but if I pick up the landline to see if it's still working, it never is after about half an hour or so.  And that is with a new battery in the back up unit.  The unit started beeping about a month ago.  When I removed the battery, ALL service to the house (phone, tv, internet) failed to work.  Had to call customer service.  After speaking with them for about 45 minutes to get my service back on, they told me to get a new battery.  WHY would I buy a new battery for a service that DOESN'T work?  The battery didn't beep again for a few weeks, but is now beeping again.  I "silence" it every 24 hours.  WHY the silence button doesn't work for more than 24 hours is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.  I already know the battery is supposedly low.  Having it beep every 15 minutes is only making me hate Verizon even more than I already do.  The unit is obviously FLAWED and is designed specifically to force customers to pay even more money to keep it running.  $49 for a battery direct from them.  Even paying $17 for an off-brand battery from Amazon is TOO much if the system doesn't work.  If anything the battery should be RECHARGED by the unit.  Creates a ridiculous amount of landfill waste and did I mention it DOES NOT work!? 

Contributor BelloDragon
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I was appalled when I contacted Verizon and was told the solution to the problem was buying a new battery for $40!  I DO NOT like being held hostage.......

I only quite coincedentally added phone service a few months ago to have a local charity's phone at my house as a favor to the charity.  Otherwise I'd only used cellular.  So the battery in my unit was, until a few months ago, of absolutely no purpose to me regarding the services I contracted for from Verizon.  It should have never been installed with my unit in the first place!  The only purpose of the battery is for limited phone service in a power outage. The battery is superfulous for any other use.  The beeping however was awakening me in the middle of the night!  

Only removing the battery does not stop the beeping.  

I just used this Instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/Silencing-the-Verizon-Battery-Alarm/ and although the configuration of my Fios unit was slightly different the concept for finding the circular alarm on the circut board was the same.  I disconnected the battery and removed the alarm, reconnected everything in reverse and all of my service's work without the annoying beeping!  (That silence alarm button only worked for 24 hours.)  This is a 5 minute job and by no means needs an expert to do it.  I did need needle nose pliers to remove the alarm from the circut board due to it's location.  

Contributor dorisnorth
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I removed battery and it is still beeping.  I have tried disconnecting various wires but either it has no effect on the beeping or it disconnects the internet.  What do I have to disconnect to get it to stop?

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