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Battery Backup beeping and in the Red

Battery Backup beeping and in the Red

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Gold Contributor VII
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@dorisnorth wrote:

I removed battery and it is still beeping.  I have tried disconnecting various wires but either it has no effect on the beeping or it disconnects the internet.  What do I have to disconnect to get it to stop?



Read the above link and just get rid of it all together. It’s under BBU Audible alarms and buttons section. 



Contributor dorisnorth
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VErizon is telling me I may have kind of system that requires having a batttery installed but that I should be able to stop beeping if I hold silencing button for 30 seconds.  Haven't been able to try this yet.   Any opinions on whether it will work? I should mention that I live in a high rise that is many years old, I have no idea when Verizon installed the hardware, but there is no place to unplug the battery that I can see.     

IMG_0842.JPGMy setup

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The Battery would go in the rectangular compartment (lower left) jus above the box with the lights complaining about battery.  The currently unattached wire with red and black clips in that compartment attach to the battery, and the white plug on the wire connect to box. 


You should be able to silence it by pressing one of the blue buttons, I think the right one.

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I have the exact same problem; i'm sitting here looking at my yanked battery and hearing the unit beep in the furnace room! Customer torture for 200 bux a month...

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I had this happen and not trusting my tech skills, got a tech to come out. He showed me that the battery wasn't recharging because a cable had been left unconnected to the power strip where the router was plugged in. So make sure all your cables are plugged in first. And then essentially what this user said applies.

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Reseating the battery worked for me. Disconnect unit from power source; open the case and take the battery out; disconnect battery from unit. Reverse the steps and the problem should go away. If not replace the battery.  


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