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Battery Backup beeping and in the Red

Battery Backup beeping and in the Red

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Mine started beeping sometime after I had the power off for a couple of hours.

Took me a while to figure where the beeping was coming from.

After reading these posts I disconnected the battery ----- reconnected and it hasn't beeped since.

I did order a replacement battery online for $24.00 shipped since the battery is about 4 years old.



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Thanks Witty in Tampa!!!!  That is the kind of info Verizon Help Desk/manual should offer. I think if enough of us would raise a stink about this issue, it would give them something to think about!

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Hello everyone.


I've had Verizon Fios since 2010, and while it is working smoothly, I do have an issue with a low battery beeping in the red as well.


I have read through your posts, the only thing I am wondering about is how to briefly disconnect the battery because my ONT has a "craft access only" section. There is a huge bolt I can't seem to budge.


I'm not sure about the upper part, where the battery is likely to be located. This is probably where the battery is located, but I'm not sure from which side I'm supposed to open the upper compartment. I can't manage to really open it (at best I can pry it a little bit from the top, but nothing else).


My ONT model is sfh ONT 612.


Thank you in advance.

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I had the same problem and had done the fix disconnecting and reconnecting everything a few months ago.  Now my battery is definitely dead, but the customer service rep said I could just disconnect the battery completely if I was willing to go without a backup (ie have a cell phone to use when the power goes out).  I did that but the red light is still on.  Anyone tried this and had success stopping that infernal beeping?

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I believe the battery for the 612's is in the BBU unit and is seperate from the ONT itself ... follow the power cord from the ONT to find where it plugs into the BBU (and then the BBU continues on to the regular A/C power plug).    The battery is located behind a door on the BBU (you have to depress the side to unclip the latch).

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I had the exact same problem. I am happy to go without the backup, but need to get rid of the beeping.

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I'd shell out the 12 bucks and get yourself a new battery,  the only way for you to get rid of the beeping is to find and remove/kill the replace battery jumper in the ont.   that means you have to go into the craft access only side, and not many people would recommend you do that.   

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I bought a new battery. All is good no more beeping. But it cost $35 at batteries plus
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Pittsburgh_100 wrote:
I bought a new battery. All is good no more beeping. But it cost $35 at batteries plus

I'm sure they appreciate the business!!

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Thanks for the fix.  Worked perfect for me.  

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