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Battery Backup beeping and in the Red

Battery Backup beeping and in the Red

Contributor Dweedlebug
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My power went out for about an hour, then came back on and everything worked fine.  When I got up the next morning, the red "replace battery" light was on and no phone/net/tv.  I replaced the battery and that fixed the issue for a few hours, now the replace battery light is on again and nothing is working.  The really odd thing is, I get no alarm beeping and even with the battery completely removed, none of my services are working.  Shouldn't the system work even without a battery connected? 

Contributor Dweedlebug
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My issue was solved.  They had to replace the entire BBU.  I was pretty sure it was a hardware issue.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Sounds good Smiley Happy


Benefit now is, since you do have two batteries, you can get them both charged up and use one of them in the ONT. If you ever need to power up the ONT for an extended amount of tine during an outage, you can always swap the second one in, or you can see if your ONT supports auxilary battery power that could be put to use.

Contributor jacob2222
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To my surprise the solution provided by Mr. John {Edited for privacy} worked very well.

I unplugged the FIOS unit, opened the battery compartment on the top of
the FIOS unit, disconnected the batter and took the battery out. I kept
it completely disconnected for about 3 - 4 minutes, and after that put
everything in place. First, I inserted back and connected the battery,
closed the battery compartment and plugged the FIOS unit back.

After initial hesitation everything started to work and the battery
replacement light is not longer light up.

My greatest thanks to Mr. John {Edited for privacy} and all people who discussed
this issue for their help.

Best regards,

Jacob {Edited for privacy}

Contributor CAHomeboy
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Unplugging the BBU and the battery then plugging them both back in after 5 min worked for me!  Thanks for the post.

Contributor lywamh1141
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My unit was beeping for the last 4 months -- since I moved in. Unit was in the garage so i ignored it. I followed the advice for removing, disconnecting, etc. When I reconnected the battery, the unit immediately started up without plugging it in and all my televisions and internet worked off of the battery. So like others have said, there was  othing wrong with the battery. There is some kind of problem with the unit itself. No more beeping!

Contributor CBR1
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This worked for me in January 2013. Thank you very much. Saved a lot of hassle.

Contributor trieste
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I tried this today (about 20 minutes ago) and so far it seems to have worked: no more beeping. We will see if it holds out. Thanks for your inputs.

Contributor Ruby44
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Removed the 12 volt battery to test and found it to be virtually new, ie. over 13 volts. (new 1.5 volt flashlight batteries test about 1.59 volts). So I waited more than the 5 or10 minutes and re-installed it. The red light went out and the beep stopped. Thanks for the tip. Saved me further aggravation. Hopefully the fix will last.
Contributor Fiosee
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I just got the same beeping problem, found it the same way and was told the same story by tech support two days ago, but it was $35 or you can get on from Amazon ot Walmart for cheaper.


Luckily, I learned the lesson just in time. We are going to have a new account in a week. I originally asked not to send technicians over and I could use all the exisrtint equipment. Now, they have to come to repalce every single equipment, hopefuly they will last for the next two years under the new contract. Unfortunately, we have to suffer the beeps for the next 7 days or so unless I want to pay them $35 for a battery which will be replced soon.


My problem is why, the design looks like a flaw. A backup battery is meant for power outages. It should not be a mandatary part for the FIOS setup. Insteady, users should be able to take the battery out and connect th eequipments directly to power.





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