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Be careful if you want to use your own quantum gateway router with Fios

Be careful if you want to use your own quantum gateway router with Fios

Contributor hfong
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Getting a bit frustrated with the Fios service using my own quantum gateway router.  Here's my story:


Purchased a brand new quantum gateway router from a 3rd party on Amazon.  During the initial Fios installation had the technician installed my own quantum router, so never rented one from Verizon.  Everything seemed fine but I guessed the technician never updated my plan.  When I received the first bill, it listed the $10 router rental fee.  So I contacted customer service to explain the situation.  The agent seemed to understand my dilemma and asked the right questions.  He adjusted my account to remove the $10 rental fee, plus he also specifically asked if I received any quantum router from Verizon, which I replied no.


Now comes a new problem.  I just received a UPS shipping box from Verizon and they want me to return a router.  Apparently Verizon thinks that my quantum router is theirs.  If I don't send it within 30 days they will charge me up to $149.  Obviously this is frustrating.  It's too bad since I like Fios tv and internet so far.


My advice to anyone signing up for new Fios service and plan to buy your own quantum gateway router:  Have the technician initially install Verizon's own router first.  Once you get your own router, swap it with Verizon's router.  Call customer service to switch plan to take out the rental fee.  Then use the provided UPS box to return Verizon's router. 


Right now I'm stuck in limbo.  I'll try to call customer service again but I got a feeling it'll take me a while to get this resolved.


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Always let them give you a router when they are installing your service, then call to return it later. Keep your UPS receipt as long as you have your service. That one is important. My local UPS lady has stories about VZ customers getting screwed in return fees because they couldn't prove they shipped it back. VZ has no way to know that you purchased your router from a 3rd party. They only know that you were supposed to receive one with your service, and you apparently have one connected to your account. Good luck explaining that to them. 


You ever goto a low-end fast food joint and ask them to make something differently than normal? Like, no mayo, no onion, extra pickles, only to get a burger with mayo, onions, and no pickles simply because the staff makes like 500 of those a day and didn't bother to look? You're situation is like that.


Installers and CSRs are hit & miss. Sometimes, you get a drone who can only read the script and simply cannot understand why you "didn't want a quantum router" . Moreover, their narrow view doesn't allow the possibility that you didn't get one, if there is one attached to your account. 


Don't get frustrated trying to explain it. It won't help your case. Be polite, and if they aren't getting it, ask to have the call escalated (i.e. ask for a supervisor). Lots of times I get CSRs telling me "They'll say the same thing" when I ask for a supervisor. That's also ignorant, but try not to let it bug you.

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