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Belkin wifi extender is not allowing second STB to have channel/on demand data

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Belkin wifi extender is not allowing second STB to have channel/on demand data

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The set-up is described in the title. I have a bedroom that is away from my router and STB, and in that room I need Wifi and another STB. I ran a coaxial and the second TV has c hannels but no guide or channel data and no access to on demand. Errors that pop up say that the set top box is unavailable and program info is unavailable. I read that this is because this data comes through the router and not coaxial. The wifi works through the Belkin but the STB is not receiving this data. It would be best if the extender could be compatible with the second STB..

I have a second Fios router but experienced issues having both hooked up via coaxial, so I stopped using it as part of the bridge. Is there a way that I could have this router broadcast just channel/on demand data and no Wifi? This way I can just use the Belkin extender?

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Re: Belkin wifi extender is not allowing second STB to have channel/on demand data

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Your setup for TV/Guide data should work without  having the extender.   Both the channel, guide  and on demand information are carried on the same coaxial cable.    The only thing to prevent this from happening is if you have a splitter that won't pass frequencies in excess of 1 Ghz.  Many CATV splitters are rated for 900Mhz which is fine for video as it is under 900 Mhz.  .  If necessary replace the splitter with one rated to at least  2 Ghz.   They are available for a couple of bucks unless you decide to buy a gold plated one for $8 - $10. 


To  further trouble shoot your sytem hook the upstairs STB up downstairs to the splitter where you have the downstairs STB and the coxial cable that you ran to your upstairs location using a store bought 3' jumper.   If the STB works there then the problem is with the cable you ran upstairs.   Also you can move the downstairs box upstairs and see what happens.  If it works then the problem is with the upstairs STB.


Once you get both STB working you can add the other Actiontec router to your network to provide a means to get your extender working if you need WiFi in the upstairs bedroom.   Assuming the old router is MOCA capable all is necessary is to put it into the AP mode.   The process has been explained previously on this forum so just search but  don't do anything  you solve the guide problem.

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