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Best Way to Improve Streaming In Room Far Away from FiOS Router

Best Way to Improve Streaming In Room Far Away from FiOS Router

Contributor TrekkieMom
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Hello - I use a Verizon Actiontech MI424WR router/modem which is directly connected to my iMac.  I have an Apple Airport Extreme router and Airport Express extreme extender also installed. 

My wifi download speeds are excellent for most of the house.  However, they are terrible in the main TV room.  I use MoCA connected to my TiVo for cable TV viewing so that is fine.  However, my Roku is currently configured for wifi and that performance is poor.

I'd like to be able to use the Roku via Ethernet.  Can I split the cable line and use some kind of ethernet converter for the Roku? Or can I add a second modem to the system that is closer to the TV? FiOS line-in from the street is accessible from the basement below the room I'm talking about.  But I have no way of connecting to the Actiontech from that room.


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Gold Contributor VII
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Yes. Verizon offers their FNA(FiOS Network Adapter) for $55. That is hard wired only. You can connect a 2 port splitter one to TiVo and the other to the FNA. 

They also have FNE(FiOS Network Extender) which is also wireless for $100. Both have ethernet ports which could connect to the Roku. 

You could also get a MoCA adapter on Amazon. Shop around and find the best deal. 

Contributor TrekkieMom
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Thanks so much - Which method is more efficient/faster - The FiOS Network Adapter or the MoCA adapter?

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They are actually the same. The FiOS Network Adapter does have the added benefit of giving you four Ethernet ports instead of one like a traditional MoCA Adapter would. That'll help in the future if you plan to wire anything up anything else besides the Roku.




It will just need to be on the same Coax network that your FiOS router is connected to, which I assume is the same your TiVo uses. You can also move one of the Apple Airports into the same room and connect it up to the Network Adapter, providing it with Wired uplink (if it isn't already) which may help with your wireless reception in the same room. That will help increase performance, since wireless repeating does come with a speed penalty.

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