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Billing is ridiculious!

Billing is ridiculious!

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I am a new Verizon Fios customer. I was shafted!!!  I signed up for basic custom channels, phone, and internet. First off the channel line up was awful. So I added HD premium. They charges me a $7.50 fee to add more plus $27 more a month. Say what? My first bill was $188.68. Next is $218.16. I had Comcast previously. Doesn't look like I got any new customer discounts. This is just outrageous! The channels aren't better than Comcast! Comcast offers HD converters. Verizon says they do not have those. It's $27.99 just for the darn bulky boxes to change channels (no DVR) Comcast gave me one free DVR box. X1 box to be precise. Converter boxes through comcast is $2.99 a month for HD. Verizon menu is horrible. Have to shift through channels I do not get. Constant ads too! It is just ridiculious! So Comcast was $164.46 a month for so much more. That's a difference of $53.70 a month! Whoa! Verizon does not even give virus protection to customers either. Was told I need to purchase that. Comcast offers it for every computer for free! The phone is awful. So many calls for other people and I just disconnect the darn thing!


Verizon says everyone is a supervisor. I'm trying to wrap my head on why the cost is so much higher with so less. I love Verizon Wireless. Never a issue. So when I moved and finally could get fios thought it would be special. Definately was wrong! I'm currently waiting for a representive to call me back because everyone was to busy to help. I am not on a contract. What a hassle. Looks like I need to cancel Verizon and go back to Comcast. This whole thing was a awful experience.

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I will add Comcast charged $135 a month for the first year. So Verizon is not just a little higher. Thats almost $100 more a month! Unbelievable!

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You are talking to peers here not usually Verizon.  Verizon admins (and thats all the Verizon types here) can escalate problems of certain types after you have already tried to get them fixed unsuccesfully


Charges don't seem to be in line with cost for premium triple play, not even with the ultimate that I have.  Unless you choice a really high speed internet or have lots of stb's.


Do note that the first month typically includes TWO months of payment, and sometimes installation charges.

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