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Bing is non-responsive, from all machines...

Bing is non-responsive, from all machines...

Copper Contributor cicorias
Copper Contributor
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Over the past week or 2, Bing has become completely unresponsive from all machines on my network.  this happens if wifi or hardwired.  


Same machine, if i use my VZW Mifi - works just fine.


I've also used https://www.megaproxy.com/freesurf/ to validate it is working via alternate IP path, and it does work just fine via the proxy.


Traceroute shows nothing out of ordinary; MTR same, nothing indicating packet loss, etc.


Sometimes, if I reboot the router, Bing WILL be responsive, for a short period, then it dies out.


I'm suspecting possible router issue, but trying to rule out routing issues and anycast dns issues with verizon DNS, etc.


Anybody seeing anything similar? I'm in the 07834 zip (Denville NJ).



Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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sounds like a routing problem,  I bet if you do this it will get you a new ip and a new route.


Actiontec MI424-WR  
1 Click on MY NETWORK icon at the top.
2 Select NETWORK CONNECTIONS from the menu on the left.
3 Select BROADBAND CONNECTION (coax or ethernet) depending on your connection to the ONT.
6 Click APPLY
7 Disconnect the router immediately to prevent it from re-requesting a DHCP lease.



Leave it disconnected for AT LEAST 5 minutes preferably 10 and then reconnect it.


If you reconnect it too fast, it will grab the same route, same IP and you will be in the same boat.

Copper Contributor cicorias
Copper Contributor
Posts: 16
Registered: ‎10-19-2011
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OK, i've moved my DNS over to Google DNS (after experimenting with host entries) and it works well.  


However, it's not DNS that's the problem, it's the HOSTS that Verzion DNS is returning for www.bing.com.  Google DNS returns different, and all those hosts respond just fine.


The HOSTS that Vz DNS returns, are unresponsive.  So, it's either routing, or those HOSTS with BING - i have a message out to bing too.



Copper Contributor cicorias
Copper Contributor
Posts: 16
Registered: ‎10-19-2011
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Also, i will still try your steps...  clearing routing tables could help

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