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Bogus bill charges

Contributor CantWait4Google
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I was given a "free" upgrade to 100/100 last month. Verizon now has decided that it wasn't free, and upped my bill 60%. Can someone help?




I should also mention, this has happened 3 times in the past two years. Verizon just adds a bogus charge for something either offered for free, or something I didn't even know about. They then charge until I notice, and I spend hours trying to get a refund. Look through the forum and you'll find this isn't uncommon. I bet Verizon's run a cost/benefit and found it's worth tricking customers even if a few people switch carriers.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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It is the responsibility of the customer/consumer to look at each invoice each month.

this way you catch any errors or overcharges immediately.


now there is nothing ever free. Just like there is no “unlimited data on cell phones” no matter what “free” is you should research that offer.


deception or guise and swindle is quite prevalent in businesses that are large and have untrained staff who rely on customers never catching on.

contact your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via a google search since this state agency regulates the utility.


if you feel this is something your states attorney generals office should be made aware of look up their web site and call or file an online complaint.

Contributor CantWait4Google
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Of course nothing's free -- I knew they would try to mess me over. The thing is, I didn't select the offer, they forced it on me! There was no way for me to cancel that service, and on top of that they added a TV plan when I don't have a TV! There was literally no way for me to prevent it from happening before they hit me with the bill.


It is definitely not "the responsibility of the customer" to waste hours of their time to undo skeazy business practices. Verizon has a duopoly where I live; in many cities it's a monopoly. If state representatives were not thoroughly bought off, internet would have been made public or properly regulated ages ago, and we'd have internet speeds and prices like other developed nations. That said, I may pursue something with my AG for kicks.

Contributor CantWait4Google
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎01-05-2019
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Anyway, I'd appreciate someone from Verizon's team cleaning this up -- I'm not wasting my time with that. I'll be spending my time contacting the AG, FCC, and FTC. It might take 30 years to fix internet in the States, but we can reciprocate our annoyances with carriers in the meantime.

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