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Boost Wireless SIgnal

Boost Wireless SIgnal

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Famiily of 4 with all the gadgets that come with that - laptops, iPad, iPhones, wireless TV etc...


We've tried streaming HD through our Samsung TV but it buffers too much and we have to go back to SD to watch the movie without interuptions....So, I figured I need to boost my wireless signal (instead of running new cable) so I can stream HD.


What is the best way for me to go about doing this?  Sounds like I need to buy a wireless router, connect it to one of the spare ports of my Verizon wireless router for starters but then what?


Do I disable the wireless on the Verizon router and only use the wireless on the linksys / netgear or whatever router I purchase?


If so, what settings on each device do I need to enable / disable etc?  As you can tell, I am looking for clear as day, step by step instructions to get the strongest wireless signal I can in my house but also do it in the simplest way possible.


Any suggestions / ideas you have would be most welcomed.


Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to your replies.

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Probably the best way to do it is with these instructions.



they are pretty concise

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I'd suggest rather that trying to improve your wifi connection you look at this MoCA adapater:



You'd use a simple coax splitter to split the coax feed going to your set top box, one output from the splitter going to the STB and one to the MoCA adapter.  The MoCA adapter then gives you an Ethernet port output from which you can run a cat 5/6 jumper to the Internet input on your TV or other device.


I'm using that setup and and I have no trouble streaming HD movies through it.

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2 questions abotu MOCA adapter:


1. If I add a MOCA adapter to the TV coax cable and then plug a PS3 or Laptop into the adapter's RJ45 port won't that cause some sort of IP address conflict with the PC's I have connected to my FIOS router?  (My house coax currently has 1 splitter that sends 1 coax to my TV and the other to my router.)


2. Is Verizon OK with having 2 separate MAC addresses connected to the same FIOS line?

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I'm no expert at this, but


1. no, since the devices connected to the Moca adapter get their IP information from the router.  The router is connected to the same cable and they talk to each other.


2. Nope. You have several MAC addresses attached to that line right now.

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You are correct with answers 1 and 2.  Smiley Happy


I have an ECB2200 in our den, the middle of our house.  From it's RJ-45 output I feed a 4 port switch.  From the 4 port switch I feed a Blu-Ray player that has Ethernet video streaming options; a 80211.n WAP adapter; and a Wii game adapter.   All of those devices, and any that are connected through the WAP adapter, are assigned IP addresses through my Actiontec router in the other end of the house.


It works well and the best part is there's no configuration required.  It's truly plug-and-play.

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OldGuy -- thanks for the info.  One question -- when you say you attached an 80211n WAP adapter, is that the same as a router, or something different?  i.e., did you create a new wireless access point that you could tap into from, say, your laptop or ipad -- as opposed to having to tap into the original actiontec wireless router.   When I google WAP adapter, it comes up w/ USB dongles that get plugged into laptops, not routers, so I'm a little confused.  Thanks for any help you can provide, and if you can recommend a particular brand/model, that would be great.

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Yes, the Wireless Access Point let's you connect via wifi to any device that you can connect to with the Actiontec wifi.  I actually have my Actiontec wifi radio turned off and just rely on the WAP in the center of the house.


Go to and search for wireless access points.  You'll see a number of available models, although the model I'm usiing is no longer available.  The TP-Link TL-WA801ND looks pretty good to me for not much $$$$.


You can also use a router with built in wifi and not use the router features...just use it as a wirless access point.  The idea of connecting via the MOCA adapter is the Actiontec will server as the router, assigning IP addresses, etc.

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Thanks for the really speedy reply.  Great forum.

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