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Bridge G1100 So Your Router Becomes Primary

Bridge G1100 So Your Router Becomes Primary

Copper Contributor Gaudfather
Copper Contributor
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I know it's been asked many times, I've searched and searched through Google and forums but a lot of the information seems old. After I follow the below instructions, I'm still unable to use my router. It's not pulling an IP address.


Trying to use my Netgear Nighthawk as my own router. I currently subscribe to all 3 Verizon services, TV, phone, and Internet. I currently have to gigabit service for Internet and I have the G1100 router/gateway.


Current set up:



ONT-->G1100 ethernet wan
G1100 lan port-->Netgear wan port
Netgear lan port-->switch

Steps Taken:
Hardwired to the router (Connected via Ethernet) Logon to your G1100 - (»myfiosgateway.com or »

Go to 'Wireless' Under 'Basic Wireless Settings' turn off both 2.4 GHz & 5 Ghz. Click 'Apply' at the bottom of the page.

Under 'Advanced Wireless Settings' click on 2.4 GHz SSID Broadcast and Turn that off then click 5.0 GHz SSID Broadcast and turn that off as well.

Now that the wireless access is shut off, Click on 'Firewall' at the prompt click 'Yes' Now under General for IPv4 Settings & IPv6 Settings set BOTH to 'Minimum Security' and click Apply at the bottom.

Next click 'My Network' now Click 'Network Connections' now click 'Advanced >>' Now click '5.0GHz Wireless Access Point 1' and then click Disable, once that's finished hit Apply

Once you're back at Network Connections click 'Advanced >>' and click 2.4GHz Wireless Access Point 1 then Disable that as well, and hit Apply.

Once both Wireless APs are Disabled, Click 'Broadband Connection (Ethernet/Coax)' Then hit 'Settings' at the bottom, Uncheck the box beside 'Internet Connection Firewall'

Now click 'Release' and then quickly click Apply, then click Apply once again.

Then beside 'Internet Protocol' change it from 'Obtain IP Address Automatically' to 'No IP Address'

Now Click on 'Network (Home/Office)' and then hit Settings.

Once in the Settings, under General change the IP Address from "" to "" This way there's no conflicts from both routers trying to use same IP... Now under the Bridge section; Check the box beside 'Broadband Connection Ethernet/Coax)' and uncheck the boxes by both Wireless APs.
then change 'IP Address Distribution' from DHCP Server to Disabled.

Once you click apply, the G1100 will be put into Bridged Mode and will
no longer assign IP addresses, So don't worry if everything stops working once you
apply the settings.

Hit Apply and then take an Ethernet Cable and plug one end into any of the 4 Ports
on the G1100 except the WAN Port, then plug the other end into the WAN/Internet
Port of your Router.

Next plug your PC into your router and reboot both routers.
Once they have rebooted, logon to your router and make sure it's IP Address range is

Now check and see if Verizon assigned your new router your Public IP Address (You might need to click Renew in your new routers settings) If it has assigned an IP to your Router, you are good to go.

If you have Verizon TV as well, You'll need to take another Ethernet Cable and run it from one of the Ports on your Router to one of the 3 Remaining ports on the G1100, that way your Router will assign IPs to your STBs and they can access the net.

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Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Try reading the how to set up your router at


This is a very good site.


i have the Nighthawk however it’s internet only and I would not be able to fully assist you.


Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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If you don't mind me asking, what is the purpose of keeping the G1100 as a "Bridge" for your new nighthawk router?


You'd be much better off making the netgear the main device and having the G1100 simply become a client of the nighthawk for your TV boxes to have Internet.


You mentioned you have an Ethernet going into the WAN port of the G1100. This would be perfect for using the netgear as main, instead of trying to mess with a bridged setup. In order to do this, you would:


  1. Reset everything to defaults.
  2. Plug the WAN ethernet cable currently going to the G1100 into your WAN port on the nighthawk router, and check if you have Internet access off of the nighthawk. 
  3. Once your nighthawk has Internet, simply plug an Ethernet cable from a LAN port of the nighthawk to the WAN port of the G1100. Then reboot your set top boxes.
  4. Everything should now be working, including your TV boxes, using your Nighthawk as main. You should disable WiFi on the G1100 as you did before.
Copper Contributor Gaudfather
Copper Contributor
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That would work? Interesting, thank you! I will look at that option instead as it definitely seems more feasible.

Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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Definitely feel free to post back here if you have any issues and we'll get them fixed!

Contributor Malcovis
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Hello,   I have spend a few days rewiring my house and playing around with my new set up,  before I stumbled upon this post.     I don't know why i didnt hink of this !  


Let me confirm that this is possible.  



ISP Gateway -  to ASUS 1900P - Wan Port 


ASUS 1900P Lan - G1100 ( For Data on Cable Set Top Box and I want to use 3 Additional LAN Ports on G1100 for TV + Xbox + SVR) 


The 2nd  ASUS 1900P - Lan Port (To be used for PC / Xbox / Amazon Fire) 


Linksys 5x Port (Gigabit) Unmanaged Switch (for PC / Xbox) 


All Cable is CAT6 and meets distance expectations.    


I noticed in the set up of the ASUS 1900p there are multiple options for "Operation Mode":
Wireless Router / AIMesh Router Mode (Default) 

Access Point (AP MODE) / AI Router in AP Mode 

Repeater Mode 

Media Bridge Mode

AI Mesh Node



Suggestions and much appreacited !   !  !   God Bless High Speed Internet ! 






Contributor jlhunter2008
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I followed your steps on my new Amplifi HD router, but I ran into an issue.


I reset the Amplifi router > plugged the ethernet cable that was connected to the WAN port on the G1100 into the WAN port on the Amplifi; however, during setup I get an error message saying an IP address is not detected.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance for your help.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Did you release the dhcp from the router first. 

You would under normal circumstances after releasing the dhcp (unplug it very quickly)

then turn on the power on the router you want to be primary. Make sure to hit the reset button on both routers on first connection. Then take the ethernet from the ONT to the WAN port on the Quantum router if that is going to be primary. 


Then take an ethernet cable from the first LAN port on the Quantum router to the customer owned router in access point or bridge modes WAN port. You must make sure the second router is actually in AP mode turned on in the routers settings.


on connection the second router should get an IP address and you are off and running.

please note it is not advisable to have both internets WiFi operational because of overlap and possible interference. Chose the better WiFi from one of the routers.

then turn off the other WiFi from the router with the crappy WiFi 


that should be all


Contributor jlhunter2008
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Thanks for the reply. I don't want the Amplifi to be in bridge mode because it limits a lot of its features. 


Just to understand I need to go into > Network Connections > Broadband Connection > Select Release button > Unplug the power to the Quantum before the page refreshes.


Is that correct? If so, what steps are next?



Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Ah I see you are removing the crappy Verizon router for your own.

in that case after going into the Quantum routers setting and releasing the dhcp you need to just hook your own router into the power and place the ethernet from the ONT into the WAN port of your amplifi and it should grab a internet connection.


this link should assist you.




There is a great FAQ at DSLReports here




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