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Bridge G1100 So Your Router Becomes Primary

Bridge G1100 So Your Router Becomes Primary

Contributor hf995
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I like where this is going.... Is there any kind of 3rd pary MoCA adapter I could just buy to toally rempas the M1100 and propage the signal to my STBs? Pwehaps the Motorol MM1000 - http://motorolacable.com/support/MM1000/ 



Copper Contributor MoonDragn
Copper Contributor
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I have the Actiontec Moca 2.0 ECB6200 bonded adapters. I have the same question you do. I know the G1100 broadcasts unbonded moca 2.0 to the STBs the question is which ports need to be opened for that? I know the G1100 moca LAN is at 1150 Mhz, what frequency is the ONT moca WAN on? Is the on demand stuff coming from the ONT wan (moca 1.1) or the G1100 moca Lan (moca 2.0)?


I had an expert verizon installer setting up my house and he couldn't answer any of these questions. In the end I had to use the Verizon G1100 and because Verizon can't fish wires in my house the G1100 ended up in my living room, which is an eyesore. 


I want to replace the G1100 with my own router, and replace the Moca signal with my own moca adapter, eliminating the G1100. Anyone have any STB setup info?

Contributor l2apsux
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what if your netgear night hawk does not immediately have internet? if i can avoid this bridging crap then id like to do that,  i spent hours on th ephone but i saw nothing here about what to do if idid not immediately pick up.

spent an hour and a half trying to trouble shout their router and mine and i know thier **bleep** g1100 is the problem and i have internet only, so this should have been SIMPLE!

"dns did not repsond"
"dns failed bad config"
"googles ip adress could not be found"

it wants to work so bad and my internet light went to the right color and all lights go solid on my router, but it is just a closed door.

it even says "connected, secured" in windows when i connect to either bandwith, 2,4 or 5.0

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